Monday, March 19, 2012

A Couple of Months Later

It’s been over 2 months since I last wrote anything at all relevant to our lives.  A few reviews scattered about but nothing that entails about what’s been going on around here.  I set out on a blogging break and I’m ready to jump back on the  train. 
Starting with Charlie.  We introduced a new family member to our home in January. {wow, has it really been that long!?}  He’s right at four months old and has grown like a weed since we got him.  Charlie is a toy poodle and we couldn’t be more happier to have him in our lives.
march 2012 004
The above picture was taken at his graduation from puppy class this past Saturday at Pet Smart.  He starts the Intermediate classes in two weeks.  Our trainer says that he’s so smart and that he learns quickly. 
We got season passes to Miracle Strip at Pier Park this year and have spent several days out there so far.   The kids have had so much fun! 
february 2012 020
Last week was Spring Break and we did it big! ;-)  We slept in everyday until after 9 and we stayed up until after 10 every night. We didn’t go anywhere this year, unless you count Friday when we drove an hour or so away from here to Marianna to the Caverns.  The girls really enjoyed being inside a cave and we are looking into several trips in the future to places with caves, one including Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. 
We also decided to drive on up to Dothan afterwards to eat at a place called The BBQ Shack.  I had researched some dining options in Dothan, other than your normal Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel, or the likes, and ran across this quaint little bbq joint.  It’s a North Carolina style sauce that was delicious to say the least.  When I first glanced at the photo of the place I was put off, because I’m not usually a “dive”, as Guy Fieri would put it, kind of girl.  But that goes without saying you should never judge a book by its cover.  Or in this instance you should never judge a restaurant by it’s outward appearance.   We have to eat there again! 
School is almost out for the Summer.  11 weeks remaining and I am counting down, like it’s the end of time.  I can not wait until June 5th to say goodbye to the early mornings and late nights of homework and lunch box packing. 
Big plans for us this Summer?  Not quite.  We plan on going to Jacksonville for a weekend to go to MOSH and check out the Atlantic Coast.  The girls and I have only seen the Gulf Coast.  I have heard I’m not missing anything, but I’d rather take a look for myself.  We will also make a trip to Alabama to drop the girls off for their week stay with my brother and sister-n-law.  They talk about last years week long trip all the time.  They really enjoyed it.
We will be planning out our week long Disney vacation, which I’ll be blogging about our planning along the way. We plan on going the end of February next year.  We had originally decided to not go to Disney and opt for New York, but Kelsie is really much to young to appreciate the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.   I love planning Disney vacations and it will be a doozie this year since it will be a whole week there.  Lot’s of stuff to do! You can check out  my posts about my tips on planning your Disney World vacation:
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Wow, that was one big update plus some.  It’s after school for the girls so it’s time for snack and homework before we get ready for dinner, bath time, and my ultimate guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars.  Big Season finale tonight ~ for those of you out there that watch it!  We finally get to see who A is!


Kelli said...

I'm just grateful to follow you on FB to keep up with your life :) I think the cap with Charlie is such a cute picture! I know that you thoroughly enjoyed your Spring break. We drive through Dothan when coming to Florida so maybe we'll have to look for that place. Yay for Disney...that will be fun to plan.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I've missed your posts! I've been slacking pretty bad with blogging lately too...I think we all need a break sometimes! Charlie is so cute:) My kiddos have seen the gulf coast and the atlantic coast, and this summer we will see the pacific coast!