Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Disney World Planning Part 1

I’m not a Disney World expert by any means.  Heck, we’ve only been one other time and during that one time was for a blogging conference, Social Media Moms Celebration.  Even though we were lucky enough to get all the rides rode that we wanted, it was thanks to a wonderful Media Fast Pass and a little research prior to our trip.  I mapped out all the rides we wanted to ride and wrote them all down, listed the ones with the Fast Pass and made sure to run {yea, we literally ran through the parks} to those first.  It was still a wonderful experience but I’m looking forward to our trip in March because we will get to enjoy everything that the parks have to offer at a walking pace.

My first plan of attack was to book our hotel, which I did.  We chose to stay in the resort because you have free transportation to and from the parks and hotel.  That will save parking fees and maybe some time. Heck, it’s just plain convenient.  You are tired after riding and walking/running all over.   We chose to stay at the All Star Movie Resort, it’s one of the four value resorts.  I chose the ASM because I loved the theme.  My next choice would have been Pop Century but it was booked during the time we are visiting. 

We are lucky because we are Florida residents and right now they are holding a discount for room rates, if you book within a certain time.  This really came in handy for us because during our visit it is peak spring pricing.  We definitely saved some money!  You can check out all the special offers Disney has going on by checking out their special offers page.  Right now I believe there are hotel offers for non residents as well.

Next thing I chose to do was the day we arrive to check out Downtown Disney.  We plan on eating at the Polynesian Resort at Captain Cook’s that night before heading out.  We stayed at the Polynesian on our trip last February and we had a BBQ pork sandwich that we have been craving ever since!  It’s so good and you should definitely check it out if you are eating on a budget.  For the 4 of us to eat we paid about $25 to $30.  Not bad for Disney!

Stay tuned for planning part 2 where I will talk about Extra Magic Hours and why we are planning park trips around them.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

We are doing Disney in August, so I can't wait to hear all your tips:) We stayed at Pop Century last time we went. In August we are staying at the Wilderness Lodge...I can't wait:)

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Good planning!

We are staying at Music in March. We did movies last year and loved it! We always go to DTD our first night, it gets us in the mood!

Can't wait to meet you!

Kelli said...

We are going in a few years and I'll have to make sure to get tips from you. I love planning for vacation and I hope you have a great time planning and then going. Jamison wanted to say...Every summer, we go to Destin, Florida.

Wendy said...

We did the character breakfast at the Polynesian & the Grand Floridian, the kids really enjoyed them!