Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random Guilty Pleasure; Pretty Little Liars Season Finale, OMGosh!

I fell into the PLL guilty pleasure the Summer before the 2nd season premiered.  I got the chance to review season 1 on dvd and I was hooked!  Fact, and I am well aware, it is a teenage soap opera.  But so is Twilight {basically} and I’m all over it like white on rice. {Team Jacob, even though sadly it didn’t turn out that way} 
I guess there aren’t really that many people that know how hooked on it that I am.  I haven’t really advertised it on Facebook like I have The Walking Dead. {another show that is completely awesome}  Am I a little ashamed?  Yea, I guess so.  But it’s good and if your not watching PLL on Monday nights at 7, what the heck have you been watching?? 
Well, let me just say that last nights season finale didn’t answer any questions that I really wanted answers to.  Then again, if the big question was answered, the series would be over.  The fact that Mona was A - not cool.  I haven’t read the books but I think I did read somewhere that Mona was A.  BUT, the writers are smart enough not to have the same A because it would be pointless to be watching, if you had read the books. 
I know that A is indeed more than one person.  And I still think that Melissa is in on it somehow.  I’m just not sure to what extent.  OH, and I do think that Melissa or another A member pulled Paige in to be all buddy buddy with Emily and then it was even more like “exactly” when Maya was found dead at Emily’s house. 
Argh…I just hate that I have to wait until however long until season 3 premieres!  Which I think may be June  I might just start reading the books. :-)

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Jen said...

All I can is the books are *Way* better, and they answer all those questions!