Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where I Got My Disney Planning Info

So while planning our Disney vacation this year I did a lot of planning.  We went last year for our first visit and learned a lot then.  However, when I think of Disney, I think there is always more to learn.  People are always using their minds and coming up with more tips and tricks to help us Disney goers out. 

So while I was writing my Disney Planning posts I did a lot of searching online to answer questions that I had.  Have you ever searched for Disney tips?  WOW.  That’s all I have to say.  As soon as you click “Search” on Google you will immediately be bombarded with thousands of pages to look through.  Some of which are very helpful and some of which are not so much.  I went through hundreds to find the info that I was looking for.

So while looking through I bookmarked some of my favorites and I’m going to share them with y’all so that y’all don’t have to get so overwhelmed when searching via Google. :-)

Disney World Moms Panel ~ Seriously the best I think I’ve found.  Each year Disney chooses a new set of moms {and dads} to be on their panel.  They answer your questions about hotels, parks, what you can and can’t bring into the parks, restaurants, fast passes, tickets.  I mean you name it and somebody has ask them a question about it.  I love the Moms Panel!

Walt Disney World Resort ~ Yes, Disney’s very own website.  If you know how to navigate through here {which isn’t hard} you can find out the hours for all the parks during your visit.  This can help you plan ahead for what parks on what days if your using the Extra Magic Hours.  Plus you can check out anything that may be happening, such has parades and fireworks shows.

All Ears ~ I found all sorts of information at All Ears.  But the number one thing that I found that helped us plan was their menus.  They have all the restaurants and hotels listed, with prices! {at least at the ones that I looked at included prices}

Those 3 up there, those are the best of the best.  At least that is my opinion.  Oh and if your on Facebook, I highly recommend you “liking” Walt Disney World.  There are times when they ask questions to their fans such as “what restaurant do you always eat at” or “what snack is one you can’t miss out on”.  The answers are priceless!  You will also get the latest information from the Park. 

If your planning a trip to Disney World and you want to check out my planning posts you can do so by go here:

And you can read all my Disney posts, by checking clicking here.  You’ll find all my planning posts as well as our trip from last year.


Andi said...

I'm so glad I found you and your blog, and thanks for the compliments about the Disney Moms Panel. We love helping guests like you get the most out of their Disney vacations, and when you're ready to take a Disney cruise...I'm your mom! ;)

Kelli said...

I can't wait to go to Disney and will absolutely be calling you and coming here for tips. I know it's an adventure to plan because there's so much to do. I wonder how they choose the moms to be on the cool is that?

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

My favorite is!