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Disney World Dining Experience {Guide}

As y’all know we just got back from our Disney World vacation and while there we got to experience some really yummy food and some that was a complete waste of money.  And since Disney World is so expensive I thought that I’d share our dining experiences with y’all.  Maybe where we ate will help you make the choices for your family and can help save y’all some money as well.
Just so you know, most all menus are available on the Disney World website. 
We only made reservations at one restaurant while there.  And we spent for our family of 4 $112, before tip.  Keep in mind it was for an appetizer, dessert for 3 adults and a child.  {Kayla’s too old to eat on the kids menu}  It was a lot of money and I knew it would be, but that is why we only planned one reservation meal!  We did quick service the rest of the time.  Oh and I only took photos of our Le Cellier Steak House meal. :-)
Le Cellier Steak House, Canada Pavilion, Epcot
We loved this place.  The atmosphere was incredible as we expected.  Our reservations were for 11:40am.  They started serving at 11:30.  So we were there when they officially opened.  When you get there at opening you get to experience all the servers singing their National anthem, O’ Canada.  It was a really great experience.
I’m not sure if all the servers do this but ours told us a little bit about herself and what part of Canada she was from.  She also told us about the “territory” we were sitting in.  We learned a little bit about Canada while there.  It was overall a wonderful dining experience. 
The food: Delicious!
Appetizer Trio to Share
Tomato Stack, Lump Crab, and Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup

You do get two soups, but Kayla had already eaten half of one by the time I took this photo.
disney 2011 065
Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon
served with Wild Mushroom Risotto
finished with White Truffle-Herb
Butter Sauce

disney 2011 066
Le Cellier House Burger
with Roasted Mushrooms, Pancetta,
Maple Barbecue, Black Diamond Cheddar, and Crispy Onions

I didn’t get the mushrooms
disney 2011 067
Open-faced Canadian
Cheese Steak Sandwich
with Sautéed Onions and Peppers
and a Boursin Cream Sauce

disney 2011 068
Kelsie got the kids meal which included her choice which was a hot dog and it also came with an appetizer and an ice cream sundae. 
Zack and I shared the:
Maple Crème Brûlée
disney 2011 071
Kayla got the:
Chocolate Mousse
disney 2011 070
While at Epcot this year we also ate at La Cantina in the Mexico Pavilion.  We got tacos, chicken for me and Kayla and beef for Zack.  Kelsie got a cheese empanada.  This food was delicious as well.  So you won’t go wrong at La Cantina.  Best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten!
A place we ate at last year which I’ll include in this is Lotus Blossom Café in the China Pavilion. It was a bit pricey and the portions weren’t very big but it was still a very good meal.
One place at Epcot that I can tell you to avoid is Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion.  They have added a place where you can order pizza at without going in and sitting inside the restaurant.  We really thought that eating “in” Italy would have proven to be the best pizza ever.  But…it was awful.  It resembled the worst, cheapest brand of frozen pizza ever.  The crust was burnt along the bottom and the sauce, cheese and pepperoni was not very tasty.  We will not be eating there again!!
Zack got a beer at one of the little carts in Germany, he chose Oktoberfest and it was really good!! 
In the Magic Kingdom we ate at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café located close to the Tea Cup ride, and it was horrible.  We all got cheeseburgers and not only was everybody’s buns too big but they were dry and the meat was just tasteless.  It’s about a $9 hamburger that is not even comparable to fast food burgers.  It was just not good.  Kelsie got chicken nuggets which I didn’t taste but didn’t seem to look that bad.  I also liked that her meal came with grapes. If we ever eat here again we won’t be getting a hamburger!!
Tortuga Tavern is a Mexican place in the Magic Kingdom located in Adventureland.  We ate there last year and had no complaints.  The tacos were really good and you got a lot for your money.
In Animal Kingdom we ate at Flame Tree BBQ.  It was really good.  Kayla and I split a rack of ribs, which was plenty for us.  It came with a side of baked beans {which she ate} and a side of cole slaw {which I ate}. There was two different bbq sauces, both were really good.  Kelsie got the baked chicken legs and they were really good.  She ate quiet a bit of it.  It came with a side of carrots and grapes. 
Zack ate at one of the carts located right before Dino Land USA on the right hand side after you come into the park and turn that way. He wanted a smoked turkey leg.  They smell Heavenly as you walk around during meal times.  We saw them last year and nobody ever got one, but he did this year and said he felt like a caveman!  HA!  I don’t remember the name of the cart, but it’s fairly easy to find.   I think they are the only place in AK that has the smoked turkey legs.
We ate pizza at our hotel {Pop Century} one night and it was delicious.  A 16 inch pizza cost us about $16.  It helped us cut down on the cost of food a little and there was enough left over for lunch the next day for one of us.
One tid bit of info that we didn’t know until Sunday…Your resort {if you stay in Disney} sells refillable 16oz mugs.  If you buy one {$13.99 each} you can get free refills in your mug at any resort AND you can take it into the parks with you and get drinks.  We read you can’t do this but we kept seeing people taking their mugs to the windows of the carts all around and getting drinks for free.  So this is something we will be doing from now on. 
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