Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk Driveway Mural

The kids go through phases with sidewalk chalk.  They love it one week, the next week they could care less if there was any in the basket.  This week was a good week and so we went with one of the ideas from our Make Something Monday list and did the huge sidewalk chalk mural on the driveway.
We went with a beach/under the sea scene.  It was fun.  We chose a shaded area on the driveway, since we live in Florida, {aka. the sunshine state} and it was as hot as Haiti outside that day.  Next time we do this we’re doing a space theme, on a cloudy day.  At least that was the just of the conversation.
sidewalk chalk mural under the sea
We used the vibrant Crayola sidewalk chalk, it comes in a bazillion colors, and they are shaped like large crayons.  My complaint with these – one stick of chalk is used up super quick!  The color we used for the sand – all gone. The two blues we used for the ocean – all gone.  Anyways.
  I posted the picture on my Facebook page and got quite a few compliments and “likes” on it.  Guess we aren’t the only ones that liked our mural. :-)
Enjoy making your own sidewalk chalk murals this summer!

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