Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Ombre shirt and 4th of July Custom Star Shirt

So ombre is the BIG thing right now.  From hair to clothing, you’ll find it everywhere.  I ran across a cute DIY on Pinterest one day on an ombre shirt.  I thought I have to add this to my Make Something Monday list for the girls and I this Summer.  And figuring we don’t have anything to wear 4th of July, why not make cute ombre shirts. So that is what we did.
We went to Walmart and purchased the shirts and then over to Hobby Lobby to get this neat spray dye stuff.  And this project is easy! 
july 2013 001
The first thing you want to do is line your work area with news paper or something to protect the surface your working on.
Next up lay your shirt out flat and decide how you want your colors to go.  Ours is red, white, and blue for the 4th of July, but you can go with any color combos and you can also choose to do any line of those colors. {RWB, BRW, WRB, etc}
The key to the ombre is starting your spraying closer to the fabric to begin with, thoroughly saturating it.  I worked from the bottom up or top down.  Overspray was really ok with me, and I’m OCD.  :-)  Make sure to spray the back as well.  I did this by working front color, then back color.  I didn’t want to do one whole side and then flip.  So after I finished the blue on the front, I flipped to do the blue on the back.
Once you get your first lines of the darkest color {spraying close}, you’ll pull your hand back a little further and spray it…the higher up you go, the further away your hand will go until you are only spraying a little bit of color for the fade out.
DIY 4th of July Ombre and Star Shirt
Once your satisfied with your colors allow the shirt to completely dry {we dried them over night}, throw the shirts in the dryer for 20 minutes on high to allow the colors to set.  Your ready to wear your creations.  Make sure to hand wash in cold the first time you wash it! 
Kelsie chose her own style and used a star cookie cutter for her stars. 
We love this spray dye and plan on making something really soon for our beach trips!

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