Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Girls and I are Flying Solo…What Happens When Family Drama Turns Ugly

If you’re a reader of this blog or a close friend of mine then you know the issues that we’ve had with Zack’s family.  It’s just a mess, really.
Anyways.  Today is Zack’s grandmothers last day in Florida.  She will leave in the morning going back to Indiana.  They are having a cook out over at his moms house tonight before she leaves.  The whole family was invited. However, I told Zack as soon as he found out about it that I wasn’t going.  I told him that he and the girls could go but that I wouldn’t step foot in her house.  He gave me the whole spill about how he knows what all they’ve done has been wrong but that somebody had to give and it might as well be me.  No go.  I told him no way was I going to give when I have been the one to be nice for so many years and try and include everyone. {unlike them}  He said ok that he wouldn’t make me go.  I told him to see about taking his grandmother out to eat last night so that I could say my good byes to her then.  He tried to call last weekend {Friday and Saturday} but didn’t get an answer.  He called her house and her cell.  So he wasn’t able to ask.  And the one time he has talked to her this past week he didn’t get the opportunity to ask his grandmother to go with us.
Well, he was on Facebook last night and noticed that  his mom posted that she and his grandmother went out to eat.  He tried to call and called her cell and got no answer.  He said “you know whose with them” {referring to his brother and his wife} as he slammed the phone onto the kitchen counter.  I said, I knew they probably were. 
So we got up this morning and he called his mom to find out the time for the cook out.  I told him again that I wasn’t going and that I had decided that I wasn’t going to let the kids go either.  He said that he didn’t want to go by himself.  As he showered he called for me and ask me if the kids knew that his grandmother was leaving tomorrow.  I said no.  He said that I should leave the decision up to them.  So I did.  I went and told both girls that Grandma was leaving in the morning and that they wouldn’t see her for a long time.  Kayla said “well you know my answer”.  I ask what it was and she said that she was staying here.  OK.  I ask her why and she said she doesn’t like it over there. Seriously, I wonder why she wouldn’t like it over there?!  Hmm.  Maybe it’s the fact that her and Kelsie are always crapped on.  Maybe it’s because they are never invited to the beach when everybody goes.  Or maybe it’s because all the favoritism shown towards the other grandkids. How sad is it that a child doesn’t want to go to their grandmothers house?! Kelsie soon after thinking for about 5 minutes or so said she was going to stay home too.
Zack didn’t want to leave without any of us going but I’m not giving in.  I may have felt differently if his mother didn’t take me off her Facebook for no reason.  The junk going on was between his brother and wife and I not her.  That was just one way of showing “I’m on their side”. 
So the girls and I are flying solo tonight.  Kayla cooked dinner tonight.  Cheeseburger Hash.  She did an awesome job.  Her potatoes were actually better than mine.  I am NOT kidding!  Now Kelsie is in the bath and then we are going to watch Toy Story 3.  It’s going to be a girls night!
Zack said he was preparing for a battle because he said nobody can call me a “butthole” but him.  Well, thank you baby, I feel the same way! HA!
Oh, and if you are completely lost as to why I wouldn’t have went to begin with you can check that out where I wrote about World War 3.

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Kelli said...

Good gracious! That really sucks they are like that. I mean you are a joy and so are those girls so why wouldn't anyone want to love all over ya'll? So sad. Their loss.