Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday..Check In!

Ok, so last weekend I posted about time to change...Remember that one? Ok, well of course wouldn't you know that last week when I wanted to work out...I was sick. Not sure with what, but sick with something. It was a weird tummy bug thing. It lasted for days. I went to work and all but just felt yucky.

Anyways. It's all over with and I did manage to lose 2lbs during that time because all I ate was chicken broth, crackers and I drank tons of Gatorade. Discovered that all flavors are really good! I used to only drink red.

Sooo....I tried out a new recipe. I'll share that with y'all in a few days. I have got to figure out this whole lap top issue first. I want to post a picture with the recipe. I will tell y'all it was alright. Chicken kabobs with pineapple salsa. It lacked salt and was just dry. {the chicken} If I were to do it differently I would def marinate the chicken in Jamaican Jerk first. Still gonna share the recipe with y'all though. :-)

Drinking my water today. I've had 32oz so far. Going for 64! Oh and I'll be working out tonight for 20 minutes. Then I'll do the same thing on Wednesday night and Friday afternoon as well.
Hopefully next week I can add more days and some strength training. Tonights dinner....Mexican Pizzas!!


Kristin said...

Sounds wonderful!

A-K said...

Yum-O! Very Caribbean!! Great job on the water and workouts...I need to get my booty to the gym too!

Kelli said...

Oooh, Mexican pizzas!!! I hope the whole computer thing gets resolved for you very soon...that has to be frustrating. I need to improve my water drinking as can do it!!!