Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tomorrow is Wednesday...Thank Goodness!

Is it me or is this week creeping by? Maybe it's the thought of the Halloween festivities this weekend. We plan on going on a haunted hay ride on Friday night. Then Saturday morning we're going to the 2nd annual Scarecrow Festival. Never went to the first one, so I hope it's something that the kids will enjoy. I noticed all the scarecrows down town in our area and saw a sign for it this weekend and thought, sounds like fun! Then Saturday night, it's time to Trick or Treat!! I really can't wait. The kids are going to look great!

So I think I've finally gotten used to posting with Blogger again. I really miss Live Writer though. I mean really miss it. And Vista. Yes I said I miss Vista. Coming from somebody who loathed it for so long, it's totally different coming back to XP. We have yet to take my lap top in so I'm stuck on this desktop. And did I mention how hard it is trying to share this computer with Kayla?! Wow. I don't think I realized how much she was online until I wanted to get on here too. Ha!

So far this week I've done great on my diet. No cheats at all! Yay me! However I feel Friday I might cave. I'm making cupcakes for our class' Halloween party. I just hope that the parents pull through and send bags of candy so that the kids can trick or treat, like we've planned. We sent home a note last week and so far only one child brought in candy and I'm not sure I consider it candy. It's chocolate coated wafers. Like the waffle wafers? I'm sure they're tasty but hello we want them to bring candy! :-) What's Halloween without candy, ya know?

I did work out last night. I did 20 minutes of Turbo Jam {my old go to dvd}. I wasn't sore at all today, which really surprises me. Maybe I'm not as out of shape as I thought. Ha! I'll workout again on Wednesday night. I may actually bump it up to 45 mins next week. Gotta lose at least 10 pounds by November 19th. Gotta be able to fit my booty in some britches of mine.

Oh, Nov 19th? Well, if your on my FB you already know about it. However, I'm gonna post an official post about it soon. I promise. I'm just waiting on final details.

Have got to go and get the kids lunches ready for tomorrow and get my clothes laid out. It's been a hot one here! Whew. What happened to Fall?!

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Kelli said...

I can't believe that October is almost over. So glad you're doing well with your diet...I'm sure a little candy will be OK. We have our trick or treat tomorrow and I'm so excited.