Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ahhh. Mid-Week!

I am so thankful to see Wednesday.  Not just today’s Wednesday but every Wednesday.  I sorta feel like if I made it through Monday and Tuesday I can push through Wednesday and Thursday to see the weekend.  The beautiful, glorious weekend.

I don’t think I cherished my weekends as much when I was a stay at home momma.  I was always glad to see them come because that meant that Zack was home with us, but now it means I can sleep past 6:15 and not have to get up, shower and get dressed and make sure that Kelsie gets up, eats and then sit down and fix her hair, plus make sure that Kayla has everything she needs and head out the door by 7:30.  It’s a rush and I prefer the slowness of the weekends.

Today is picture day at school.  Kelsie didn’t want to wear a normal shirt so she’ll take pics in her school uniform.  I’m not too happy about this, but it’s what she wants and that’s what matters the most.  :-)  Although I hate to drop that kind of money on photos of her in the uniform. :(  Oh well.

Here’s hoping that the PreK class is easy going with the pictures.  I know that last year Kelsie cried and even had to have Mrs. R sit next to her which ended up with Mrs. R’s arm in the photo.  Hehe.  We didn’t mind though.  The look on her face was priceless! 

Here’s to Wednesday!!


Kelli said...

Yes, if we made it this far the rest of the days should be a piece of cake! I hope the pictures go really well (aren't they expensive these days???!!!). I thought of you yesterday because I met a local blog friend and it made me remember when we met and how I really miss you. Hugs!

Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

Ha! I was just thinking the same thing as I changed out of my school clothes about an hour ago! :o)

I feel more relaxed on Thursday nights too because I know there's only 1 day to go before the weekend :o)