Thursday, September 30, 2010

Come on Weekend!

Just as my Wednesday was going great I was thrown a curve ball.  My car has been having some problems since um, well for months now.  The BCM {body control module} is on the way to going out.  It started out with our rear hatch “popping” {unlocking} when you turn the car off or on or sometimes just when your sitting in the car in park…then my windows stopped working…all of them.  We were holding out until we had the money to do something about, like cash.  We are sick of charging anything at all. 

However, today it was the straw that broke the camels back.  I have read all the horror stories of the BCM and my car.  People wrote how just one thing went wrong, like the rear hatch..then others had major problems.  I could handle the hatch and the windows but not what happened today.

I cranked up to go and get Kelsie from school and I noticed that the radio wasn’t on..I was previously playing a cd loud so it should have kicked on as soon as I turned the car on.  However nothing.  I didn’t look and just turned the dial up and nothing.  So I looked and noticed the red light on above the little security icon that normally flashes when the car is locked…it was just steadily on.  UGH!  Well, then it said “Locked” across the screen.  So I ejected my cd and thought stupid BCM.  Then I noticed that the air blowing wasn’t cold like normal….the a/c light was turned on but the cold air wasn’t coming out, just kinda room temperature.  Then as I was driving I noticed that on the dash the light was light up flashing saying “Security”.  UGH!

Well I called Zack to have him call the dealership and to look online to order the BCM…we’ll see what happens…but I hope that the part can get here Friday and that they can get us in on Saturday.  I am ready to get my car fixed.  I can’t handle what else might go wrong. :(


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Oh man that stinks! There is no way I could live without my AC! And it would be pretty hard to go without the radio too:)

Kelli said...

Yuck...I agree with Kelli car stuff does stink! I hope it gets fixed and fast.

A-K said...

Oh car troubles are the worst...and expensive. At least the AC was working when it was hot as blazes out! Better to just go ahead and get it fixed if ya can! Hopefully sooner than later! <3