Friday, June 11, 2010

Need a Vacation....

I'm posting from Blogger tonight so we'll see how this goes....My lap top battery has bit the dust and I'm in limbo while Best Buy mails me another...Thank goodness for warranties, I suppose. Although, it would have been quicker for me to have gone and bought one...Oh well. So I'm on the kids computer and my Live Writer isn't installed on it's so much slower and I can't sit on my comfy couch while blogging!

I'm in need of a vacation. Yes, stay at home mommas need vacations too, even though while they are on vacation technically their job doesn't stop, unless you don't take your kids....however we never vacation with ours. Anywho...I am struggling tonight. I'm not sure if it's just the time of the month creeping up or if it's a combination of daily life stresses thrown in with some birthday party planning.

I have such a long to do list for Kayla's party Saturday and I honestly don't have the energy to put forth any effort. Then there is Zack's 30th birthday that I have been putting together as well. Good thing I suppose that he don't read my blog! ;) I mentioned a while back about having a party for his 30th because we just don't do parties, I'm that grown up that thinks parties are for kids...once you reach your, oh said married life with kids, you stop having parties for yourself because you have your kids to focus on...That's neither here nor there though. Back to the party...His reply to me was he didn't have anybody to invite...I named off the few people I knew of and he named off some others....Well, we'll just have to see who actually comes Sunday. Because as of right now, I think there's far more food than guests. And it's heart breaking. Not that I wasted any of my time doing something like this...Trust me, it's fun and I enjoy planning. It's that Zack will have been right, and I will feel in turn that I let him down. And it makes me sad. I want him to have a great birthday. Now I wished I would have just listened to him and just did a little something for us. {lesson learned}

Then there was the fact that we have Netflix and watched our first movie from them tonight and were less than impressed...our movie kept hanging up! It was frustrating to say the least.

Kelsie has been a real handful lately. I'm not sure where it's coming from but her anger is getting the best of her. She balls up her fists and hits when something doesn't go her way. She not only does it to Kayla but to myself and Zack. It was horrible tonight...Zack missed the movie because he was on the phone...well Kelsie was upset and I was trying to calm her down and I wanted to tell her that I enjoyed watching the movie with her and she was so mad about daddy not watching it that she balled up her fist and swung at me. She's usually our well behaved one. Ugh!

Kayla has been grounded for what seems like forever. She has lost Facebook now until the start of the 3rd week of July. And has been without it for about 2 to 3 weeks now. She has even lost tv until next Thursday. Her tween attitude, eye rolling, sassy mouth and talking back have really gotten her into some trouble. I am hoping that cracking down this summer on discipline things work out for the best. We tend to be more lax during school because I want her to be able to get a break and watch tv or play on the computer and being grounded along with school for 8 hours a day is hard. Although I should have stuck to my guns, because we probably wouldn't be in this situation. Lesson learned...this summer is going to be hard. I plan on keeping her occupied with plenty of chores when she is "bored".

We do have vacation planned for sometime in July...we will be heading to the farm....oh how I long for that sweet spot in Bama! I can't wait. It will be much needed, time to just relax and let my stresses go.


Kelli said...

If I had an overflowing bank account I'd be right there on Sunday to celebrate with our friends! I'm sure that even if there are only a few people, those will be the important people and you all will have a great time! And the food will be good, I have no doubt about that. And what is going on with my girls???? I hope it's just a phase and they snap out soon...mama needs a break. Alabama here you come!!!!

Tracy Bentley said...

your much needed break will be in my neck of woods. only about 8 miles away. I hope you enjoy your time with family when you get here. I know there will be alot of fun and lots of good food.

Kay said...

Looking forward to your visit with us! And yes, yes, stick to your guns and all will be well with the kids. Wish we could come celebrate with y'all for the birthdays but we can't come right now.:( Chester says "hi".

Heatherlyn said...

Whenever lots of things are going on it can be stressful. I think that's pretty normal!!!

I hope that your husband's birthday goes over well. It can be difficult to schedule events as an adult because even when you have adult freinds people get really busy and it's difficult to get everyone together at the same time.

My tween daughter is only emotional when she's with her birth-mother. We usually don't don't have to deal with that. I guess it's an emotionally stressful environment for her over there.

It's difficult to be strict with kids when we feel so much compassion for them. But I think that kids need the discipline and follow-through to be happy! So good luck!