Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Man in Alabama, Whom I Won’t Say His Name so nobody will know who I am really Writing too, but your Wife will, Since she does Read my Blog…

Thank you for your nice gesture in sending Kayla a birthday card for her birthday, with money.  She thanks you for the money and nice gesture except for one minor detail.  To which has prompted me to write this little letter to you.  You see I let this slide in their {meaning Kayla and Kelsie} Valentine's Day cards back in February but for you to write it again…..Well, it’s upsetting.
The fact is…Kayla hasn’t been told any stories.  She knows only the truth.  She knows about what happened while momma was in the hospital, she read the emails between you and your “friend”.  So she has come to her own conclusions, I of course talked to her about things after she read it because she had questions, but she is smart and knew exactly what she was reading. {no stories there}  She also knows that your remarried, although, since this is the only thing I’ve actually told her, she questions it, since you claim we are telling her stories.
The fact is, even if none of this mess ever had happened, not with you getting remarried but the whole situation in general…I still think we would be in this very same predicament.  Why??  Well, because nothing has happened between you and your brothers, yet for some crazy reason, you don’t talk to them anymore either.  And honestly I know that one of them wonders why.
This is what your 3rd family now??  I mean first it was Cindy, Tracy and David…then Me and Momma…now it’s you and her.  It seems that you have a pattern going and you can just drop and go without any guilt.  You and Cindy divorced, you remarried and it was no time until Tracy and David were no longer communicating with you anymore either.  Why?? 
Either way it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you don’t write crap in their cards.  We don’t talk about you.  We have better things to discuss with the kids.  Like the fact that Kayla graduated 5th grade on Monday and will be going to middle school next year and the fact that Kelsie graduated Preschool on Tuesday and is ready for Kindergarten.  It’s a pure shame that these kids are missing out on you.  Because you were the only granddaddy they had at all.


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You said the key word, Joanna. Shame, pure and simple shame. And people are always ashamed when they've done something horribly wrong and they know it. That explains their silence and isolation. Shame.
It could've been so different. Even as he moved on with a new person in his life we extended openness. But greed and pride are big monsters to overcome for human beings. I shouldn't be as shocked at their behavior because it's the same sad story with so many families. Greed, pride, followed by shame and guilt. All too obvious. The children suffer the most. It angers me for the contempt he feels for his own daughter causes him to write hurtful things to his granddaughters at this tender age in their development. But God will be the ultimate judge, not I.

Anonymous said...

Agree with it all EXCEPT for one thing...HE is the one missing out on the precious gifts that are his grandchildren!