Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What to do…

They say you eat your emotions.  They say that you should find another activity when you find yourself grabbing a handful of chips so that you take your mind off of the food and the emotion that might have triggered it.  However, what happens when all your activities are wrapped around food?  Watching tv, surfing the net, reading a book?  {you eat}  What do you do?  You keep the junk out of the house.

This was my goal last Thursday for grocery shopping.  I made sure to buy nothing to munch out but oranges, grapes, bananas and one box of Wheat Thins.  We already are in that “healthy” department when it comes to bread, pasta and rice.  My kids won’t go near the white stuff at all and neither do I.  However we were still buying junk to snack on.  Which is ok to have around, if you have self control.  But when you are the type of person that would honestly eat the last oatmeal cream pie rather than save it for your kids, you don’t have self control.  Sure I could say there was only one, I have two kids, didn’t want them to fight.  That’s a good excuse but not an honest one.

So since last Thursday just making sure that there was a huge bowl of salad pre made in the fridge and fruit to snack on.  I have lost 1 pound.  Ok.  Big deal, one pound isn’t much.  But it’s one pound in a week and all I did was watch what I ate.  Instead of fixing a huge sandwich I would eat a half of one with a big salad on the side.  The whole grains from the bread would help keep me full and I ate lot’s of veggies and protein from roast beef. 

I have snacked on orange slices and grapes.  I just now opened the box of Wheat Thins yesterday because I wanted something crunchy.

Oh, and I mentioned the other day that I have been reading a blog that I found, Escape from Obesity.  This girl Lynn, she has battled weight loss and weight gain for years.  She has been keeping this blog for a couple of years to document what she is going through, physically and emotionally.  She keeps it real.  I can relate to her battles with food, her struggles with the need and want to have something that she shouldn’t eat.  It’s a great blog and if your losing weight or even if your not, she’s a great writer.


Amanda said...

Hooooray! Hey, you gotta start somewere and one pound is GREAT! That is results girl! Keep it up and keep that junk outta there!!!!

Kay said...

I am so tired of being fat. I am more tired of being at this losing platau. I've only lost 15 lbs in 15 months...Now there is no saline in the lap band since it's so swollen in there. Now I can eat all I want to. Not good. I am scared to death of beginning the dreaded gain. Stick with your plan Joanna! Don't ever let yourself get out of control like me. It's just too complicated.

Beth in NC said...

Oh wow, I JUST posted about this yesterday. You might find this interesting:

I can totally relate!