Monday, March 22, 2010

Asking for a Lower Price in a Store

I am shy, painfully shy.  I normally pay full price for whatever it is I am wanting to purchase whether it’s at a store or at a yard sale. 
I recently read an article in a magazine that said everything is negotiable.  Everything?  Yes, including items in a store.  I would NEVER have dreamed of asking in a store, how embarrassing for such a shy person like me. A yard sale, sure, but not a store.
That was until we were at Bed Bath and Beyond and I saw this….
 March 2010 004
It’s an awesome shelf thing {don’t think that’s a technical term} for the bathroom.  As you have read, we are making our master bathroom over and it’s on a tight budget.  So tight that we can’t pay full price for anything.  Ok, I did pay full price for the shower curtain, but only because we were at Target and I had no other choice.  Oh wait I did just say that everything was negotiable.  Well, technically I’m not sure how that would work for a shower curtain that was not on clearance.  Ok, I’m rambling.
March 2010 005
Back to the shelf thing.  It’s white, um, we need a chocolate brown color, so it’s gotta be painted.  Price was $79.99 and it’s marked down to $59.99.  Good deal, however it’s gonna need to be painted.  Not just if I buy it, but if anybody buys it.  There is a chip in the laminate on the corner and the top is stained.  So I ask Zack, “wonder if they would take anymore off the price?”.  Then I kinda get this hot cold weird feeling like “are you crazy?  it’s already discounted down and who would actually ask to take more off?”.  But I told that feeling to shut up and I went and ask the guy in that dept.  He said he wasn’t authorized and called for a manager after I ask if there was somebody there that could.
The manager came over to us and I explained to him that it would need to be painted before anybody could actually use it, I had to point out the areas I was talking about.  And I ask him “could you take anymore off of this?”.  He said “I’ll take $10 more off.”  I’ll take it!  Woot!  My first haggle!  I bought an awesome shelf thing {hehe} that sales for $79.99 for only $49.99!!!  We got to the car and I told Zack “oh my gosh I can’t believe that worked!”.  Like we had just stolen something and walked out of the store with it.  But honestly it felt like it.  It was a rush of adrenaline for getting such a great deal.  I can’t wait to get it painted and hung up!


Kelli said...

Score! I'd be exactly the same way. I'm so excited you got it for more off. Whoo hoo! Rondell is always telling me stories about people negotiating prices on TVs at Best Buy and I would never think to do that. Good for you!

Beth in NC said...

Yay!!!! Good for you girl! Whenever I have asked, I usually get the runaround. lol I did get a percentage taken off of Rudolph at Christmas because he had a hole on his back. lol

Rambling Girl said...

You go Girl! You did husband does this all the at Home Depot...especially if stuff is dicontinued and only one color left and he has seen it there for a good while...he is a big time good job you did...keep it up...

You have inspired me to do coupon shopping also...thanks for those post on them.

Also got a question again...I love all your blog designs and I want one even though I don't blog often but gotta wait till I get some extra money in the next few weeks. Lexi is having recital and gotta pay April and Mays bill by next week in order to get her costume and other little things..Prom and such so money is tight for me but will you let me know how much again for your designs and help me figure what would look good. I want to use you since your one of my bloggy friends.

Heatherlyn said...

Hooray for asking! I've heard that you can usually get some discount on any price that is posted. It has worked for me in the past, too.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Good for you! I just bought a jacket, one of the buttons was loose so I got it for 25% off!
We also offered 27,000 less for our home that was already marked down and got it! We had to put the bid through twice but sometimes you just have to stand firm!
Doesn't it feel great!?


Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

BRAVO! Good job.... so proud of you. You are my inspiration for all this. I started keeping my coupons this week, I'm following you along this path.

Thanks for the tips.. I need them. Heh..

Lisa said...

Great bargain! I am also usually way too scared to ask for a discount. A lot of times I feel like if it's already on clearance, they won't take more off. That's been my experience from working retail But your experience was positive! Yay!