Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walmart Super Center May Not be the Best place for Coupons!

We used to shop at Winn Dixie all the time.  It’s literally a rocks throw from our house and so it’s just super convenient.  We always thought that we were getting the best prices possible with all their sales and what not.  However one time we went to Publix to pick up something that happened to be on sale.  While we were there we checked prices on items and well, we were hooked.  They are actually cheaper than Winn Dixie. And here we always thought that Publix was the expensive grocery store.

From then on we shopped at Publix only, for groceries.  Then we went to the Super Center because we happened to need groceries and be out at the beach {where at the time the closest super center was to us}.  We picked up our normals and noticed that our receipt was so much lower than Publix.  Well we finally got a Super Center closer to us and decided to start shopping there.  We have been saving money from the “normal” grocery store prices.  But now that I am going to be couponing I don’t think the Super Center is the place for those “Always Low Prices”. 

I went to Publix the other day and spent $38 on their sale items with my coupons and come out of their saving SO much more money than I spent.  Then I went to Walmart with my select coupons for items that we usually get.  I spent more than I wanted too. : (  I did save some money but not the amount that could have been saved if I had shopped at Publix when the items were on sale. {lesson learned!}

I was coupon learning last night at Southern Savers and ran across this. {it’s a must read if your a Super Center shopper} After reading it, I will probably never buy anything else at Walmart again.  I can get all my groceries between Publix and Target and once I learn CVS, I’ll be able to buy all our personal care items there.  It’s unreal the deals you can get and let me just say that it’s truly addicting! 

Tomorrow I am going to grab up two Sunday papers and follow along and hop on board the savings train!  {two papers because it’s recommended for the B1G1’s, this way you can really maximize when an item goes on sale B1G1}


Kelli said...

Look at your shopping around to see where is best! I need to be better at couponing and watching for sales.

Darlene said...

Hey girl,

We are back and brought snow with us back to Oklahoma!!! It is certainly a crazy first day of Spring here.

We just don't have many options in our small town. I usually go to Walmart for the best prices. They have finally updated the store so it doesn't look and feel like a dump anymore. Hope you do great on your bargain shopping.

Heatherlyn said...

Where we live the super super sale prices with coupons are at the local Albertson's. The WM supercenter is great for things without coupons that aren't on sale. But for killer deals it's the regular stores that give the most incentive.

Leigh Ann said...

I am so glad you found this article! I read it a while back and it just makes so much sense. I used to always shop Walmart and had a pantry full of generic foods, thinking I was saving as much as I possible could. Until I found coupons and Publix. I have seen the light!

Wendy said...

I havent grocery shopped in forever at Walmart! I used to wish I didnt have to shop there, and after really getting into couponing (Ive done it for 8 years, but not always like I do now) I realized I dont need to shop there! Although there are some prices at Publix that are crazy to me. But I think you spend more regardless at Walmart because you always end up with crap you dont need.