Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Master Bathroom Renovation - Day One

Nobody said renovating was easy.  But I learned today that what you put your mind too, you CAN do it! I didn’t really know where to start.  The dividers of the paneling would not budge, you couldn’t bust a hole in the paneling either.  I was going to quit before I even started.

february 2010 005

Then, something clicked.  I said, “I can do this”.  And by golly I did.  Starting around the window was the best choice.  Using a putty knife and a hammer, I got to work.  My putty knife was quickly named “Sam”, because I didn’t want to talk to something that didn’t have a name.  He and I tackled the bathroom to the point where we couldn’t go any further without Zack.  We ripped down the walls and ceiling plus scrapped off wall paper.  It didn’t take all that long to get the walls and ceiling down once I got hold of everything.  Sam pried it off the walls and I grabbed hold and pulled.  At one point a whole wall come off, instead of just pieces. 

March 2010 009

As I was tearing down the fury was boiling quickly from what I was uncovering.

March 2010 008

Wall paper backing and mold.  Instead of the previous home owners taking the time to actually finish taking the wall paper backing off the walls and cleaning the mold, they opted to take the lazy mans way out…covering it up!  Thanks! :/

March 2010 011

Now, we will have to replace the sheet rock on the ceiling.  That will have to wait until this weekend, which means that we will have to wait to install our new exhaust fan/light.  This portion is the worst of our mold.  The ceiling is faintly spotted in some areas and instead of cleaning it up, we’d rather not take any chances and just replace it.

So for now, this is what the bathroom is looking like.

March 2010 010

All the walls, except for behind the big medicine cabinet (we need that light for now and will pull it all off this coming weekend when we can get the exhaust fan/light installed. 

Oh, and if your wondering what it looks like….


I know right!  It looks nothing like an exhaust fan.  We desperately needed a light besides the vanity and we desperately needed a new exhaust fan.  Zack said we should get the combo ones and I picked it out.  We purchased it from Lowes.

Tonight after Zack gets home from work he will start patching and sanding, from the liquid nails.  I hope to get the walls primed tomorrow. 

It’s going to be a long process.  We will eventually take down all the tiles, however right now they have to stay.  We are on a tight budget and since none of this reno is going on credit it’s gonna be a slow process.  However, it’s going to be totally worth the finished room!!


Kelli said...

Whoo hoo! Look at you and Sam go (ha, ha!). That new fan is so neat. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off.

Lindsay-ann said...

Looks like you have made a great start to your bathroom renovation. Love the new fan/light. All the mess will be worth it in the end. We had our bathroom re-done in the summer and although it stressed me out at the time I am so glad we did it.

Amanda said...

Hoooray! You go girl! Theres always roadblocks in reno's...but its ok. Chip by chip you will get it girl! Can't wait to see it finished :)

Wendy said...

We have the same type of tile, only ours is a weird orange/pink/brown for the trim and white with brownish flecks for the wall! I cant wait to get rid of it@

Staci said...

That’s an awesome ceiling fan! It’s not a usual design that I see in any home. I’m pretty sure it will give the room a different look, aside from proper ventilation and lighting. Well, you guys are doing great in the renovation. Keep it up!

Staci Severns