Monday, March 22, 2010

Practically Free at Target!!

Ok, y’all I have really taken advantage of some GREAT deals at Target.  I have always been a Target lover but now that I am couponing I love it even more and if you’ll shop like I just did, you will too!

I have linked to the printable coupons that I have used too.  Some of these you have to sign up for, but that’s no big deal.  Just make sure you uncheck the box so that you don’t get your inbox bombarded full of stuff.

I am headed to Target and this is what I’m buying:

~2 Dial NutriSkin Handsoap $1.37/ea.~

-(I printed it twice) $1.00 off Dial NutriSkin Store Coupon {PRINT}

Total Price: .74 (for both)

~Dove Shampoo 7 Conditioner $3.44/ea.~

-$1.00 off Dove Hair Care Product Store Coupon {PRINT} and $2.00 off Dove Hair Care {PRINT}

  (I printed each of those twice so that I could get 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner.)

Total Price: .88 (for both)

~Tums 24-36ct .99 - $1.99~

-.50/1 Tums any size {PRINT} and $1.00 off Tums {PRINT}

Total Price: FREE {depending on size you purchase}

~Crest Kids Toothpaste $1.99~

-$1.00 off Kids Oral Care Crest {PRINT}

Total Price: .99

~Band-Aid Bandages 10-20ct $1.39 - $1.99~

-$1.00 off Band-Aids {PRINT}

Total Price: .39 –.99 {depending on which size you buy}

~Connect 4 Game $7.00 (on sale this week)~

-$4.00 off Connect 4 {PRINT} and $3.00 off Hasbro Game Store Coupon {PRINT}

Total Price: FREE

~Degree Girl Deodorant $1.97~

-$3.00/2 any Degree Girl Deodorant {PRINT}

Total Price:  .94 (for both)

~Degree Men Deoderant $2.44~ there is one priced at $1.97 which would make your total price .94 for both.

-$3.00/2 any Degree Men Deodorant {PRINT}

Total Price: $1.88 (for both)

~Suave Womens Deodorant $1.97

-$3.00/2 any Suave Womens Deodorant {PRINT}

Total Price: .94 (for both)

Total Price before tax: $7.36 and if you use my purchases and coupons above you will get 2 Dial Handsoaps, Dove shampoo, Dove conditioner, Tums, Crest kids toothpaste, Band-Aids, Connect 4 Game, 2 Degree Girl deodorants, 2 Degree Mens Deodorant and 2 Suave Womens Deodorant.  And your saving $27.50!

Happy Target Shopping!!


Kelli said...

I love Target and saving at Target is even better! Wow, thanks for sharing. I need to get some beach towels for our trip.

Linda said...

Thanks for the update...I will print and then off to Target I go! Come by tonight and join my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY...hope to see you there:)


Beth in NC said...

I love Target too! :o)

Heatherlyn said...

I really like Target. And I like coupons for things that I'm actually going to purchase. Sadly, there rarely seem to be coupons for what I want.

Darlene said...

Too bad I don't have a Target close by!!! I LOVE Target and go when I can.

Nichole said...'re making me want to get into the coupon game! We only have a SuperWalmart and a HyVee grocery store in town so I'm not sure I could get such great deals. Guess it's worth a try though huh!