Monday, February 8, 2010

Check in on Monday

So last Monday I posted about a new start for February.  I have been doing well so far.  I have worked out every day.  On the day that my abs were killing me from the day befores workout, I wasn’t going to do anything but be lazy.  However, I put on my workout clothes and started jogging in place, jumping jacks and jumping up and down while watching the today show.  I broke a sweat in about 30 mins and the next day my calves were hurting.  So apparently you don’t need a fancy machine or dvd to workout, you just need yourself!

I talked Zack into working out with me last Wednesday night.  Although he doesn’t really need to lose any weight, toning up wouldn’t hurt.  He has been talking about working out for sometime now.  So after making a mean remark to him he did it with me.  **I feel bad for being mean but dang it, putting it off until later won’t make it any easier to do.  I did apologize and he wasn’t mad.

Let’s see, I have lost a few pounds however we are getting close to that time of the month so I can’t be sure what my real weight is for another week.  Which is horrible, because I don’t like waiting but if I stood on the scale now, you would hear me screaming at it no matter where you are reading this from. *smiles*

I am sticking to my nutrition plan for the most part.  I am only having one cup of coffee in the mornings as opposed to my normal 2 and no, I was not able to give up sugar completely.  I am however only having 1/2 tsp in my coffee.  The rest of the time I drink water.  I did have 1/2 cup Root Beer last week because I was craving something sweet and I figured it would be better then eating a Little Debbie snack cake!

Here’s to a new week!  Are y’all with me?  Are you working out, drinking more water, eating better?  What did y’all start with this month?


Courtney said...

I started out with the new year with the intention of cutting out dr. pepper. Needless to say, there are still some sitting in my fridge. I've been trying to drink more water, and hubby & I deinitely are eating better, but I need to kick myself into high gear. Here's to encouraging one another!

Amanda said...

Ooooo I'm with you girl!!!!!!!! Working out and eating like a bird - no sugar, bread, pasta! YAAAY! Keep it up! Summer will be here soon...and me and you are going to the beach baby :)

Kelli said...

I went walking twice last week. Now with this snow I'm not sure what I'll do...maybe a video, but I gotta do something. Keep up your wonderful hard work.

Heatherlyn said...

I think as long as you are consistent you will see results. It is much healthier too!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm just trying to catch up on the 4 blogs post you posted lately that I missed. You have been busy I see~!
Sounds like you are doing really well on the working out and eating. I am "trying" to cut out a little sugar in my diet and to hike more. The weather is beautiful here so I really don't have any excuses right? :)

Have a great week,