Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Got My Kicks on Route 66

Ok, so I didn’t get any new kicks but the kids did. Disney here we come!

february 2010 016

And while shopping for the girls shoes, I was in tears. The kids are growing up TOO fast. Kayla is ONLY a half size smaller than me. : ( And look how big Kelsie’s shoes are getting. It breaks my heart that the girls aren’t so little anymore. Well, Kayla isn’t little at all, wow, she will be 11 in 4 months! Oh my!


Anonymous said...

You think that's bad...Matthew and I can wear the same size of shoes (there's just a little more wiggle room for him though)and you know he just turned 8.I guess he will be taking after his daddy's size 12.The girls are in size 9/10,what's Kelsie in now?I know usually she's just one size smaller than them.

Joy said...

I feel you! Jeff is on the verge of a size 12! If it isn't him getting taller it is his foot getting longer lol

Heatherlyn said...

My oldest daughter wears the same size shoe as I do right now. I bet she ends up with bigger feet than I have, and I'm an 8 1/2! It happens so fast!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Yes, they do grow up fast don't they? My youngest will be 18 years old on Friday. That is just crazy talk!

Hey, Great shoes! Have a blast at Disney!!!!


Kelli said...

Why do they grow so fast? I love new shoes...and counting down to vacation. I know you'll have so much fun.