Friday, January 16, 2009

Mom’s I know You Can Relate!

Wow….So, it’s Thursday night and as I sit and type this I have SO much to say..First off, I’d like to say that Kelsie was not better.  I wrote Tuesdays post on Monday night and had it where it would post at midnight. 
Tuesday morning and noon Kelsie seemed fine….That was until she threw up again..and again…After bathing her several times and cleaning up the floors several times again….and again…We went to bed.  Yesterday morning (Wednesday) well it was my turn.  I woke up cramping and spent the morning in the bathroom.  Kelsie seemed fine…thankfully…Zack brought home crackers and Gatorade..Let’s just say I wasn’t throwing up…So Kelsie and I sat together, napped together and shared crackers..She ended up throwing up the Gatorade that night.  (And I thought it was over) Not to mention…I was running fever and was so light headed I could barely stand longer than 5 minutes.  Oh and to top it off…Zack had to go with his brother to a funeral…Which would have normally been fine…But the funeral was out of state….about 2 hours to be exact.  I didn’t think he was actually going to go..Leaving me home alone, feverish, faint feeling, stomach bugish, Kelsie still sick and not to mention Kayla was amongst it all.  He had the nerve to ask me…”So you gonna be alright while I’m gone?”…You know what I said…”I’ll be ok.”  I must have been high off the stomach bug fumes!!  I was miserable.  I cried half the time he was gone because I didn’t feel good at all, felt like I was dying and I had to take care of not only myself but a sick young one as well.  And what really makes me mad…He never even called to check on us!  I finally called him around 9:15 or so asking where they were at….Then he said that Brandon (his brother) ask him earlier if he was going to call and check on me…Ahhh…Thank you Brandon!  At least someone was being thoughtful. 
As of today (Thursday)…I have felt better.  I am still light headed and weak but other than that I have no symptoms of the bug…Kelsie seemed fine all day as well.  She ate normal and had to symptoms..Then out of nowhere she threw up again before dinner.  I hope that it’s all over with tomorrow.  I managed to sterilize the kitchen and kids bathroom today.   Tomorrow (Friday) will be our bathroom and the rest of the house!
And just a little news…My daddy called and told me the latest news…He and “she” were married on the 13th in GA.  They have big plans to fix up the house.  Yay for them…I hope you caught the sarcasm there.  Because it was there!  If you are new to my blog and would like to read the background on why I am not happy you can check it out here and here.

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Lilith Silvermane said...

~healthy hugs~
I hope you all get to feeling 100% here soon.

MARRIED on the 13th?? O..M....G...
I'm sorry hon... I got pissed at my ex-FIL for getting married 9 months after my MIL died. I can't imagine how you must feel.

Sending you calming thoughts!