Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Living Room…

Kelsie is all better, and I am in full swing of design mode!  The tv was moved last week.  Unfortunatly the two days I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels they were both out of zebra print scrap book paper!  How is that so ladies?  Is Zebra really that popular?

So, I will have to pick that up later.  As for now.  Here is the before and after of the tv placement.



The picture was taken months ago but that is ok, because this is also the before of the pictures on the wall as well!  (killed two birds there with one stone) *smiles*



Don’t mind the paper on the coffee table and the ball on the floor.  This home is lived in.  Oh and not to mention the belt that is sitting in the flower pot in the lower left hand corner.  It’s also holding magazines.  But that is another post.

So you see it opened up that wall oh and the letter “B” is awesome looking, or at least I think so.  Now the zebra print will go on the front of those cabinet doors on the tv stand.  I normally change them out with the seasons but after Christmas this year I just couldn’t decide what to do.  As far as coffee table decor goes.  I wrote a whole post about that one time, here..But I have an awesome idea that I am going to go with..I will cross my fingers and hope that it turns out looking great. 

Oh and for that wall that was opened up….

jan2009 085

Vinyl lettering from HB for less than $10…You can’t see the clear part of the lettering unless there is a flash on the camera like the picture has been taken. *smiles*  Oh and pay no attention to the missing paint line on the wall.  Hubby has yet to get me the paint from the shed! 

Oh and a quick question…Have any of you seen zebra print anywhere?  I am looking for a small rectangular shaped throw pillow for the center of the couch, a table runner (not costing $40!) and maybe some placemats….I have looked at Target and nothing, HB, nothing either…They had the perfect pillow until I saw the front and well it had some sorta gem work on it that looked a little tacky!


Darlene said...

Looks good. I'll keep my eyes open for zebra print things for you.

Lisa said...

Everything looks good! I love love love zebra print and yes I do think its popular at the moment. I see it all around. Try google for some of the items you are looking for, I heart google and use it to find anything and everything. Of course you probably already did that! May be far fetched but if you have Craiglist in your area there might be animal decor on there for sale.

Amanda said...

Looks awesome. I love the wall decals. So cute! I can't believe HL was out of zebra print. That is uncool. Well, you do know that I can MAKE pillows now :) I'll make you one and ship it to you if I can find zebra print fabric (im sure i can) let me know - send me an e-mail. Can't help with the table runner though. Oh, World Market may have some - they have all kinds of stuff like that.

Sandy Toes said...

I love your "saying" on the wall..that is so nice!
-sandy toe