Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Soundfreaq Sound Spot Speakers Review

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.”
I’m not sure that I’ve ever received an item for review that 3 out of the 4 family members in our household wanted to use it.   
Let me just say that the expectations that I had for the Soundfreaq Sound Spot speaker was not very high.  We’ve had similar speakers in the past that put out a distorted, almost old school computer like sound, that was what I was expecting.  But what I got was something that was the exact opposite. When I paired my cell phone {which was as easy as pie} with the speaker (just tested one out at first), I was blown away at the “big sound” that came streaming out.  The sound was so close to what it sounds like on our big expensive receiver and surround sound set that I was shocked.  The bass was great, the treble was not too high, and the in between was not filled with static at all.
My husband who is the “sound” guru in our house was very pleased with the loudness that the size of this speaker can handle.  Although, it should be noted to receive optimum sound, you should have the device from which the music/sound is streaming from be turned up all the way and use the speakers to control the volume.  At first I didn’t have the volume turned up on my phone and couldn’t get it very loud, but as soon as I discovered that little tip, it blew me away.
You can rock with a single Soundfreaq Sound Spot speaker, or use the cord and connect them together so that your receiving both left and right audio channels.
Did I mention that these are Bluetooth enabled?  Yea, I think that’s my favorite part.  I love the wireless feature, because I don’t like cords running all around.  But, in case you don’t have a Bluetooth device, the speaker will come with a cord so that you can connect it to your devices.  My Kindle Fire for example isn’t Bluetooth, but I connect it for awesome sound. 
I have two Soundfreaq Sound spot Speakers.  One of them is neatly assembled along with a few other items on the top of the chest in the master bedroom.  I loved the wood grain and white finish to match our bedroom perfectly!  The other Sound spot Speaker will probably move around from place to place in our kitchen as the décor changes by the seasons.  At the the moment I have it sitting in front of my little ceramic Christmas tree, but after Christmas I see it sitting in my “cookbook cove” above my microwave.  These are small enough and look great enough to fit in any décor, no matter the size of the space.  And they sound great enough that you can hear them from across the room. 
I see them this Summer heading out to the pool deck with us as well! 
Of course your Soundfreaq Sound spot speakers aren’t just for music.  You can listen to any and all apps from your devices, as well as movies and tv shows!  If it makes sound on your phones, tablets, etc., you can use the Soundfeaq Sound spot speakers.
They make perfect Christmas gifts and they come in a variety of colors!

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