Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Cards Made Easy with Card Store

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Cardstore. I received complimentary cards and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

It’s my favorite time of the year!  The Christmas trees are up all through out the house.  The Thanksgiving menu has been made and shopped for.  Our Christmas gift lists are beginning to be checked off and we are ready for the holiday season.  Well, almost.  http://useast-thumb.imgag.com/image/k1/Ycr27xINz6zgmXSzm7UFJBk9uIuQjv-TwKCksDcn1lnnI52dcPDsi5Kdf3oF7hKhGbGO8Bz8dde0RLeVvpzelfS0kdmiLiKTsM.VwiW3QHz7vlc355iL6p9FJ5gnOJ98hFAZ80-eO5C4wxKpmuew10qK31YLPA1tqyVK5HIa.M4EFm4C82q9pvkfCcVTEYAAPGcSTgcwT0BKY9zjmwwdN-R1jM3pZpRqn2atieE4o4VRMu8IviIKIPhpQ0qXZZa68LaivBfMxfMLqKkj6pVsR2PJu3Tdp8vKhXapXVBmtP8zz-sWon-UNT-zHmrE9k.G2MUyix5S5UolB6Woa.S6vCqg2XT5Vx1dKP.FK3FnITeFrk1yworoXoPMT3X9AE0a.jpg

One last step and that’s the other part of the holiday season that always creeps up on me at the very last minute; our Christmas cards.  Normally, I would have already been playing with Photoshop and coming up with a design, but in the past couple of years other things have seem to taken precedent.  Again this year I find myself lacking in the time department and Christmas cards have snuck up on me once again.  I don’t know about you, but I like to get my cards ready to go and be delivered to our friends and family by the first week of December. A lot of people, ourselves included, like to use the Christmas cards as part of a decoration.  Therefore, I like my cards to get to friends and family in a timely manner.  Last year was after the time frame that I would have liked.  But this year, thanks to the Card Store, I got them made in time and ready to send out!


Card Store made it easy to create my personalized photo Christmas cards in minutes.  You go through the different styles and find one that suites you and your family.  You upload your own photo(s), personalize it with your family’s names and wahlah, your Christmas card is ready to go.  I think my favorite part is that they will send them out for you.  It keeps you from getting cramps in your hand from all the address writing.  But it also gives you more time.  You won’t have to be running around to get stamps and get them all mailed off on time. You just pick your date, add your addresses, and sit back and wait for your friends and family to receive your beautiful Christmas cards.  No hard work on your part! Unless your like me and can’t seem to decided which picture(s) to use. In that case, it may take a little more time on your part, but not as much as it would if you were creating them from scratch in a photo editing program.

Ending today…

11/21-11/26 Cardstore is offering 30% off holiday cards

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