Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday on The Home Front

I set out this new year wanting to blog more often and like so many other resolutions it was out the door before I could even think about it good.  Oh well. 

It’s Wednesday and I haven’t been to work one day this week.  Kelsie has been sick since Saturday.  She woke up early with a headache, took some Motrin, threw up and the rest was history.  We’ve had on and off fevers. zombie states of sleeping off and on all day, not eating or drinking enough to keep a parakeet alive, and coughing that sounds terrible.  I took her to the dr on Monday morning and figured she would have been back in school by tomorrow, but with fever still going, even at a low grade, that’s not gonna happen.  She’s going to miss her 2nd grade sing a long tomorrow night at school and she’s upset. :-(  Even though I’ve enjoyed hanging out at the house, I’m SO ready for her to be better. 

Let’s see…I’m on week 3 of a sore throat.  Thanks to our freakishly crazy weather in January our pollen is crazy all over the place!  One day last week the wind was blowing so much that the pollen in the air looked like fog from afar.  Seriously.  So it’s no wonder my throat is itchy, I’m coughing, and my nose isn’t very happy.  AND the real kicker is I take prescription allergy meds every night.  I would hate to see myself without.

Kayla’s first guard performance is this Friday.  We won’t be able to go since it’s a school day and it’s in another town from here.  I get the luxury of getting out of the house tonight to take her to get a black or nude bra for the competition.  She’s excited but super nervous.  Can’t blame her!  I would be too.  She came home last night from practice with a black and blue pinky finger.  She managed to hit it somehow with the rifle as she tossed it and was reaching to catch it.  I taped it for her and she’s been icing it, but since she won’t get any down time for it to heal, I hope that it gets better quick!  She has practice tonight and tomorrow night and then the comp on Friday.  She’s one busy girl!

I’ve managed to lose all 4 pounds of my pre Christmas weight.  Yay!  Now I have 6 more pounds to lose by March 3rd or 5th or 8th, can’t remember; so that I can get my hair highlighted.  That’s my goal! 

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