Friday, January 4, 2013

Real Life Happened Today and That’s My Excuse

I had all these goals that I wanted to accomplish today, but life happened and I didn’t get any of them done.  Nope, I take that back I did get two things done that I wanted to get done.  I started my “doodle journal” and I did get Kelsie’s Christmas tree taken down.  The latter would not have happened had she not wanted me to play Lego Friends with her.
december 2012 094
The very place her tree goes, I wanted her Lego Friends to be set up, so I took the tree down, put the ornaments up and then help her set up her Lego Friends stuff.  Then instead of being a good mommy, I had to organize other things that were just strewn about her room and then I had to vacuum.  The vacuuming came because of all the glitter and sparkles left by her ornaments.  Then….it was time for her to go to bed.  Bad momma!  But I did make a deal with her to play tomorrow.
I actually hate that I put that off until tomorrow.  There I go breaking a resolution before we’ve made it through the first week of January.  I wanted to spend more time with the girls, one-on-one, doing something they wanted to do.  And instead tonight I chose to organize and vacuum.  That sucked.
I had all these intentions this morning when I had the alarm set for 8 and then again at 8:45, making sure that I got up before lunch today.  However, I ended up getting up at 6 something with Zack.  I know, I know, I got up earlier than I had wanted, so why didn’t I get anything done??  Weeeellll, I stayed up until 8:30 or so.  Do you realize that there isn’t ANYTHING on television that early?  And do you realize that after you’ve gotten all warm and cozy in your recliner with the warmth of a furry family member curled up in your lap and your big quilt and you start to read and the house is QUIET and it’s kinda dark in the room that you get sleepy?  Yea, I did too!  I knew that I was setting myself up for a  nap.  Which I was ok with that.  However, I didn’t expect myself to go get in the bed and sleep until 11:45!!  Yes, that is what happened.  My kids slept that late and of course with no other reason than my bladder calling my name, I would have slept longer!  No I’m not complaining for sleeping so long today.  I ENJOY sleeping.  It’s my favorite!  But considering that we finally have to get into the routine next week of going to bed early/getting up early for school and work, it’s gonna make me cry!  I’m not going to be ready.
The girls and I did venture out to Target and Publix and I worked on grabbing the cheaper brands of what I needed and trying to save every extra penny I could because I still need to get a few things from Sam’s AND because we owe WAY more than I care to admit to y’all fine people and I have made it a goal of mine to pay off debt this year.  But with the price of everything going up and the pay going down, thanks to that stupid tax thing that I don’t want to discuss because I voted for our President and I stand behind him, but I’m ticked at this crazy decision that he made, we’ve got to watch our every penny going in and out of our accounts.
I even discussed the thought of cutting cable.  FOR REAL.  But since nobody seems to offer up SOA {Sons of Anarchy for those not cool enough to know} on anything that we can watch…nope, not on Hulu, Netflix or even on, we are screwed paying for WAY too many channels we don’t watch just so that I can stare at Jax Teller every week.  We thought we were gonna save us some money when I found that The Walking Dead was avail online to watch, but then those dreams were squashed with SOA.  Just a sad, sad day.
So as I sit here with a naked tree in my living room, my den floor filled to the brim with Christmas décor from around the house, and if I look outside the glow of our lights still light up the front lawn, I think about all the stuff that got added to my weekend to do list, when I all I wanted to do was relax before we head back to reality next week.

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