Thursday, January 3, 2013

The 4 Pounds From the Holidays

I knew that I shouldn’t have packed them for our trip in Alabama.  I knew that it was crazy and that I wouldn’t wear them.  I also knew that I loved them and had a false sense of the truth….I’m talking skinny jeans.
I knew that I overindulged in the holiday yumminess, ALL.THE.TIME.  I just assumed that it would be like Halloween candy and gain a bit and fall off without thinking twice.  HA!  Grandmas fudge, my chicken and dressing, and Rebecca’s mac and cheese is NOT Halloween candy!  It’s not even close.  And when I packed those skinny jeans for our after Christmas trip to Alabama, I really believed that I hadn’t gained as much as I actually had.
I mean I haven’t worked out in MONTHS.  I stopped drinking my water all the time and started on that freaking sweet tea, again.  And I was scooping up spoonfuls of peanut butter when I wasn’t stuffing my face with holiday foods.  So, I was CARAAAZY to think that I would remain at my safe weight. 
Luckily while in Bama, hanging out with the family, we lay low.  Meaning we lay around in our pj’s all day, napping, playing games, and just spending time together.  When your in stretchy pj pants day in and day out, you kind of forget the reality of “real” jeans.  So, when Kay ask me if I wanted to go shopping, I was all for it.  Now I knew that I had worn all my outfits that I could have worn, except for my skinny jeans.  So I pulled those out and pulled them on, sucked in my stomach and zipped and buttoned and then it happened…I had muffin top like nobody’s business.  I had muffin top, which I have not had in MONTHS.  Talking about uncomfortable heart break.  But really, it’s my own fault.  I over ate 9 times out of 10 this past month and I can’t blame anybody else!
So today, I  got back on track.  I gave the kids all my candy that was stuffed in my stocking on Christmas morning and got back into drinking water and putting Splenda in my coffee and I have sucked it up and measured out my Cheerios and dinner tonight.  I munched on sliced mozzarella and Wheat Thins and tomorrow…I start working out again. 
I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I gained 4 pounds.  That’s NOT that bad people, I know this!  But, for it to have effected my clothing that much, I have to make these changes and fast.  We go back to work next week and although I have other jeans that I can wear until I drop these 4 pounds, I would rather not.  So here’s to skinny jeans!!

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Kelli W said...

I gained a lot back over the last two months too...and my muffin top was pretty bad yesterday when I put on my newer pair of not stretched out jeans!