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Preparing for Talkable Moments with Your Daughter {U by Kotex Tween}

Sometimes us moms are too busy worrying about asking our daughters about how their day was at school, or what their weekend plans may be, about their extracurriculars, and so forth, that we forget about other important topics that we should also discuss with them.  I know I ask my girls how their day was after school everyday.  I ask them about homework or what fun things they did, or if their having any problems they want to talk to me about.  If it’s during the Summer, I always ask what they want to do tomorrow, etc.  I try hard not to think about some things I should be discussing with them, such as their periods.

I spoke last month about having the period talk and how mine went.  I hope that y’all don’t have to approach the subject like we did.  I had to tell Kayla more in depth about her period, the day she started.  This was my fault.  I took my own bad experiences into account and didn’t want to put the worry on her, so we never mentioned much about it.  She knew one day she would start and that would be about it. I also didn’t know what to really say because I didn’t really have much of a talk with my own mother. 

This day in age for some reason girls are starting to have their periods earlier and earlier, so it’s just that much more important to break the ice and talk to them about it.  You know your own daughter and you know when some times are better than others to talk to her about important things.  I know that every night before bedtimes in our house the girls go to their rooms 30 minutes prior so that they can have personal time.  From time to time this has been our little windows to talk about things.  Sometimes it’s boys, other times it’s been friends and school, and on a few occasions it’s important topics. We sometimes even catch moments when we’re one on one in the car together. I don’t like to blast the radio all the time if it’s just me and one of them alone together.  I always like to tell my girls that they can talk to me about anything.  So many times we try and be our daughters best friends as a way into their lives.  But often times this back fires.  I have learned that being a parent now to them they know and trust me because they know friends come and go.  This has been an eye opener for both my girls.  They know that they can talk to me about any and everything.  I dropped the ball by not being the one to bring up the period.  However, that was only with Kayla.

I spoke to Kelsie a couple of weeks ago in depth, about a week after Kayla started her period.  We talked all about how, why, and when her period happens.  She feels more at ease about it when it comes her time.  She ask me dozens of questions, some of which I am thankful that I had read some q&a’s from the U by Kotex because that definitely helped.

If you haven’t had the period talk with your daughter just yet, a great way to approach the subject, if she’s 7 or older is to give her a special cosmetic bag that is stocked with a few items that will help her when her time comes.

The girls each received a cosmetic bag, thanks to Mom Central and U by Kotex Tween, with some items that are important to girls and it’s perfect to add some key items, like the U by Kotex Tween pads and liners. 

august 2012 002

Brush/mirror compact, hair ties, nail file, and band aids were included in their bags.  We added the U by Kotex Tween pads and liners, along with a travel size lotion, a few bobby pins, and a few handy wipes.  This will be the perfect companion when a girls in a pinch at school, after school, or at a friends house.

I hope that y’all find a moment in your daily lives that you can talk to your daughter.  Not just about how her life is going, but about the not so fun stuff too!

“I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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