Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Polly Pocket Hangout House and Stick N Play Room Assortment Review

Thanks to Mom Central and Mattel we got the chance to review some Polly Pockets this week and I think I got just as excited as Kelsie did! Ha!
I remember when Polly Pocket first made her debut. You remember, she was so tiny?! She was literally pocket sized, with her tiny compact houses. I loved them! When we’re in the store and walk by the Polly Pockets I like to tell the girls how small they were when they first come out. They find it very hard to believe! And they’ve heard the story a million times of how I was always losing Polly. It’s true! I’m so glad they decided to make them bigger! The bigger sizes make it so much easier to enjoy playing with.
We received the Polly Pocket Hangout House and the Stick N Play Room Assortment, Patio set for review.
As soon as the box arrived, I knew what it was and told Kelsie that something special was inside. She opened it up and couldn’t wait for me to open everything up so she could play. She has been asking for this Hangout House since she saw the commercial on tv. After cutting rubber bands

and pulling tape off of everything, it was free to play with. In no time Kelsie was sticking the pieces every which a ways including sticking them to the ceilings. Ha! She connected the Patio s
et on and played for hours, incorporating her other small toys and figures after a while too. She liked that not only did the pieces stick to all the surfaces in the house itself, but she could also stick them to our floor {we have wood floors} and some of our other furniture. Playtime with Polly went extreme as the cat was stuck to a cabinet helpless and in need, while Polly and her friend hung out in the pool. <--- The pool that also flips up and turns into Polly’s bed!
There are so many cool features from that pool to bed and the swirly seat from the kitchen up to the pool….to the sliding walls from day to night and the elevator. AND not to mention that everything has a suction cup on it! SO clean up is easy-peasy. Kelsie just stuck it all to a surface, picked it up and put it away. Never having the worry that I did when I was young, about losing pieces. Even Polly and her friends have suction cups on their shoes! Ingenious. Kelsie loves the new Polly Pocket sets and has ask for the other room assortments so she has a full house!
As a parent I love the idea that this can all stick together {literally} and take it from room to
room. She rarely plays in her bedroom, but has to clean up and put it all away at the end of playtime. With all the pieces and people stuck to the house it makes it easy to tote around without pieces dropping down the hallway.
If you’re a Polly Pocket fan from back in the day {like I am} and have a little one that would love to play with her and her friends, but your too worried about losing pieces, this new Stick N Play Room and set is perfect. We love it!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

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