Sunday, June 10, 2012

Recycling Old Magazines into Something Useful

The other day is was gloomy and dark outside.  Just an all out yucky day.  One where it makes me want to stay in my pj’s and curl up in a quilt on the couch.  Well, I did half of that.  I stayed in my pj’s, but the girls and I crafted. :-)

We have a ton of magazines.  I won a free subscription to O Magazine a while back and although I read them when they arrive in the mail, they aren’t the kind I just want to hang on to forever.  So they’ve just been sitting in a stack in our bathroom. 

Well, I had seen all sorts of crafts you can do with magazines on Pinterest and so I enlisted the girls and we made bowls. 

Kayla is using hers to hold all her bracelet making stuff. {thread, scissors, etc.} Kelsie gave hers to Zack to put his PS3 controller in and I put mine in the kitchen to hold Zack and my medicines that we take everyday.

june 2012 004

These were much sturdier than I had anticipated and they turned out great.  I want to try and make a tray next time.  Or something else. 

It’s really easy to do.  Just fold the paper in half, long ways.  Fold over again.  Then fold each in one side to the middle, and the other all the way over. If you working on your bottom, you’ll want to roll the first one up, glue it.  We used a hot glue gun.  Then just roll the others onto the one before it, gluing as you go.  Once you get the bottom the size you want it {the bigger the bottom, the bigger your bowl}, then you start staggering the pieces up the sides to the height you want it. 

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