Monday, June 4, 2012

2 Months is too Long

This is a post that I have been kinda pondering over writing.  It’s one that’s fairly personal.  And although I’ve written a lot of personal business, I’ve never gotten this personal.  It would probably be labeled best as TMI.  But I thought that maybe if I posted this, others that have experienced this same thing would know that they are not alone.
Several, and I mean several months ago my periods started becoming a little whacky.  I would start like normal, bleed for two days and just quit for two days or so and start again for a day or so and then that would be it until the next month.  I chocked it up to, I’m getting older, things are just changing. 
It went on like that for a couple of months.  I didn’t think anything of it.  It wasn’t bothersome, so I didn’t worry.  Then out of nowhere, I started and then it was back to normal or so I thought.  I would do the old normal {5 days} and then quit.  BUT, a few days later I would start again, but this time it would be dark brown, old looking blood.  I would spot off and on throughout the month until it was time for my “period” to start again.  This then became my normal. 
Almost 2 months ago I broke down and finally decided that I was sick of it and called a GYN.  I got in to see a nurse practitioner and I told her that I didn’t want my period anymore.  I really would like to have an ablation and that we were done having kids.  She said to me that it doesn’t always work and that my hormones were out of balance and I needed to be on birth control to make everything better. 
Well, here I am almost 2 months into birth control pills and I have bled since the very first day I started taking them.  I went from the first pack of the spotty, brown, getting by with panty liner blood to almost full fledge periods 24/7, weekly.   It’s frustrating.  It’s depressing.  And ya know something else…I don’t want to even think about sex.  It’s bad enough trying to get busy while your on your period once a month but to be on it for over a month, it’s ridiculous. 
It’s time to finally call the GYN and make an appt with someone other than the nurse practitioner.  I want an ablation!  So what if it doesn’t work?  We won’t know until we try.  AND what if it does?  I’ll be period free.  Which is after all what I’m really after.  And obviously this isn’t working.

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Kelli said...

OH my! Yes you need to get that resolved quickly. I've heard of a few people who have gotten that ablation and liked the result. Good luck!!!