Saturday, June 2, 2012

Momma of a Teenager–Holy Moly! Happy 13th Birthday Kayla!!

Oh my goodness what they always said was true.  Time flies.  I remember when I was growing up I would complain all the time that I was so ready to be grown and out of school.  My momma would always tell me that time moves fast enough to be wishing my life away.  At that time I thought the world went by too slow.  I remember sitting in school watching the clock above the chalk board tick by slower than a tan line forming and I couldn’t wait until it was 3. 

As I got older, I saw exactly what momma meant.  Every year I got older, time went by a little quicker.  By the time Kayla was born, life started to become a whirlwind of days.  After Kelsie was born it’s all a blur.  From January to December it seems more like 12 weeks instead of 12 months.  I want, no I need life to slow down.  I need to relish in the moments I’m missing out on with life flying by too fast. 

Kayla, I know that your wishing your life away just as I did years before you.  But I want you to remember to take each moment slowly.  Relish in the moments and memories you create.

We love you so much!  Happy 13th birthday Kayla!

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Kelli said...

We love you too Kayla!!!!