Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I am typing this up as I sit here on the couch with Kelsie.  She’s laid up with an ear infection.  We thought it was swimmers ear, figuring it was from that field trip on Friday.  Come to find out, it’s an inner ear infection.  She’s got some pain drops in her ear, the heating pad, some chocolate milk and watching Alice in Wonderland.  Zack’s gonna stop on the way home and grab her antibiotics.  Ear infections are the worst!
Anywho.  Our weekend was pool, pool, beach, pool, and that’s it.  We also watched Red Tails, which is an awesome movie and The Patriot.  Kelsie can tell you who the King was, what countries were involved and so on.  A little bit of the American Revolution, that’s all it takes. ;-)
Friday afternoon after Kelsie’s field trip we went swimming. Zack got home early that day.  I love that on holiday weekends, they usually tell them to leave right after lunch.  Makes it easier to start enjoying our long weekends. :-)
Saturday it was apples in the pool!
may 2012 003
may 2012 001
Sunday we headed out to the beach.  The traffic was insane!  But I expected as much with it being Memorial Day weekend and all.  The beach is starting to get the grass on it. :-(  Guess we won’t be out that way for the next few weeks.  It’s not yucky yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.
may 2012 008
Who knew that my little OCD pumpkin who hates sand, dirt, sweat, and all yuckiness would love to dig and build in the sand?!  Yes, she hates sand but loves to play in it.  We have a sand box at home that she’ll play in, but apparently the beaches sand is far better. ;-)  She hardly spent any time in the water.  She chose to dig and build along the shore.  Watching the waves crash over and destroy her buildings, she would get upset and just build again.  I tried to convince her to give up and leave her work, but she wouldn’t see to it.  ;-)  As long as she’s happy!
Monday was very low key.  Her ear was really bothering her so we laid around the house all day.  We went out to the pool for about an hour and then came in so she could rest.  She just didn’t feel up to playing and hanging out. 
Oh and Charlie went swimming this weekend too. :-)  I’ll have to get better pictures next time!

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Kelli said...

I wish I was there with you. Ahh the beach. I have heard about that grass though and how it can be gross. Hope my Kelsie feels better soon.