Monday, May 28, 2012

The Last First Grade Field Trip

Kelsie’s class went on their very last field trip of the year.  Bittersweet.  I am so glad to be knocking on Summer’s doorstep but I hate to see another year go by and my baby be a 2nd grader.  Waahahaaahhhhaaa. <--- Crying!

Anywho.  The field trip was to Frank Brown Park out on the beach and I have to say that this was a great field trip!!  The kids had an absolute blast and the life guards working the kiddie area are AMAZING!  Kids running, they blow the whistle and get onto them.  Kids going down the slide any other way but feet first, they blow the whistle and get onto them.  Kids doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, they blow the whistle and get onto them.  Most every parent that came {not that many}, wore their swimsuits and hung out in the water with the kids.  I am glad I chose to wear my tankkini under my tank top and workout shorts so that I could strip the tank and not worry about wet shorts.  I was actually shocked to see a mom wearing a bikini!!  For real?!  Cover yourself up, mama!  Even if you have the body to flaunt it, you don’t show off your stuff in your sting bikini at your child’s field trip!  Seriously.

I didn’t get very many photos because I didn’t want to get my camera ruined by all the splashing and spewing water.  Here are a couple of the ones that I took.

may 2012 024

may 2012 037

may 2012 043

It was fun.  Hot, but fun.  After they played in the pool, we ate lunch, played at the park and then she left with me since I signed her out before we left.  We came home and changed before we went and checked Kayla out.  Plus since it was a Friday before a holiday weekend, Zack said he was leaving at 2.  We waited around and went swimming when he got home.  Great way to start a holiday weekend!


The Un-Nester said...

Goody!!! You are blogging again!!!! :) Looks like y'all are having a good summer so far! And you are looking fabulous and TINY! I am jealous!!!!!!!!

pcbac said...
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pcbac said...

I am so happy to hear that the kids (and yourself) enjoyed the field trip, we try very hard to make the school trips an event that the kids won't forget. We don't hear much from the schools once they have left so it's nice to see it in writing.
I chuckled at your guard comments, yes we know they tend to be "whistle" happy,but if they weren't they wouldn't be doing their job. We have certain rules and regulations they have to follow and 100% of it is for the kids safety(it can get bad in a second if they don't stay on top of things).
We hope that your daughter will be able to return next year for another school trip.

Thank you again !!!!