Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kayla’s 13th Birthday Party…Teens are Rude and their Parents should be Slapped!

Wow…Can I just say that I didn’t get any pictures of the decorations, even after I put in all that hard work planning and getting everything ready.  I am shell shocked with the outcome of the party. 

Well, other than this photo, which is from a distance, has horrible lighting and everything isn’t even set up yet.

may 2012 003

And I did manage to grab a photo of the sign that I made to point the kids in the direction of the backyard.

may 2012 002

The letters are all green but the glare from the sun makes them all look white.  Oh well….


All I can say is kids are not anything like what I remember when I was growing up.  I would have NEVER spoken to a friends parents the way one of those girls did and I would have NEVER flipped their friends off!!  Yes, you read that right.  Kelsie’s boyfriend, sister and parents came and one of the girls flipped off his dad!!  I kid you not.  I will not host another party again for a teenager.  And Kayla has been told that she can no longer have anything at all to do with these two girls.  Can you imagine?  Seriously.

The kids didn’t play any of the Mad Libs I made.  They didn’t play 20 questions with the topics I made.  They didn’t roast ONE marshmallow.  They stood around talking, dancing, or singing.  And when they weren’t doing that they were playing on the swing set or pulling each other around in the wagon.  Or throwing icing off their slices of cake at one another.  Damn teens!  Had I known I could have saved so much money, I would have!!  I bought a fire pit that we will get use out of but I could have waited until later.  I bought stuff for smores’ that now sits in the house, that we will end up using throughout this Summer because I bought SO much.  And I bought decorations that I didn’t even get to enjoy.  Ugh!  I am SO disappointed in the way things turned out. 

Us grownups played Mad Libs and the kids, meaning Kelsie, Xander, and Clover roasted and ate marshmallows. 

may 2012 017

may 2012 021

Kayla lucked out with gifts…she received money and gift cards which she is going to use to buy iTunes, books, and a case for her new Kindle Fire.  {gift from us}  Which, btw I played with and it is AWESOME, and I want one!  :-)


Any who.  I told Kayla and her friend Tori {which isn’t rude and spent the night last night}, while we were cleaning up last night that we would not host anymore parties and that she had some very rude friends that we were going to have a talk about later.  She said “I bet I know who it was” and then named them both and I just said, since Tori was here, no that I would just tell her later.  Which I did.  What is wrong with kids today?!  It’s not in the water, or music, or tv….it’s the way they are being raised.  What is wrong with the parents that are raising all these hellions?!  Ugh…extremely frustrated.

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Nicole said...

I'm sorry things didn't turn out so well for you! I would have hid in the bathroom lol. A lot of teens are out of control! And you are absolutely right It IS the parents! Man if I ever talked crazy to my mom she would have dragged me out by my hair and I would be grounded for a year! Hopefully your daughter stays far away! & at 13?! That's ridiculous.