Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tulle Halloween Wreath

I forgot to order the art deco mesh to make a Halloween wreath.  And I went to Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s and Hobby Lobby today asking about art deco mesh and nobody had any except Hobby Lobby and it was hot pink or red and white stripes.  Hmph.  I told Hob Lob they needed to keep it in stock, all colors because it’s a pretty popular thing to make those wreaths.  Girl didn’t know what I was talking about!  Where has she been hiding?! 

Needless to say I was bound and determined to find something that I could make a wreath out of…today.  Because I am impatient like that. 

I found the next best thing, tulle.  I got 4 colors on 12 yard rolls, some ribbon, and a wire wreath maker thing, plus a little something decorative to hang in the center and wallah…a tulle Halloween wreath. 

october 2011 004

It’s kinda the way I envisioned it.  It took forever to make and so I can totally see how those people on Etsy charge like 50 bucks for one of those things.  Unless of course the art deco mesh is easier to work with.  Who knows, but I did decide that I would order the stuff now to make my Christmas wreath.

Of course after I was all done I had glitter everywhere possible.  The tulle I bought was sparkly, which I wanted, but I didn’t want to be sparkly myself.  After vacuuming the floor a million times and changing my clothes, I can still see oh about 90% of the glitter.  Lovely.  But it was worth it!


Tracy Bentley said...

love it.....

Kelli said...

Very cute! I love the little pumpkins.

Miller Racing Family said...

I love these type wreaths. They were all over the craft fair we went to. I think you did a fabulous job. I also love the pumpkins.

A-K said...

I really really really love your wreath! The tulle turne out great!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love it! I can never get tulle or deco mesh to do what I want it to do! You did a great job!