Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Want a Wednesday Redo

But technically I’d rather just fast forward to next week instead.  Can we do that?  Maybe if there are enough of us together we can convince God to warp time and let us wake up in the morning and it be Monday.  And I know that Mondays are usually the worst days of the week but I have to say that so far Wednesday is proving to be my worst day of the week and I would take a sleepy Monday any day over today.
I guess it all started last night after we watched Sons of Anarchy and they ended it in one of those ways that left you wanting more, like, right. now.  And I told Zack, I wish tomorrow was next Tuesday!  Then I woke up this morning about 12 minutes late.  Which would have normally been ok, but I didn’t make the girls’ lunches last night before bed like I normally do because I was just tired and ready to go to sleep.  So I rushed to get all of that done before I started getting ready.  Then I did my hair in this new to me, sock bun up-do before bed last night that is supposedly suppose to make you have fabulous curls without doing anything but taking your hair down out of said sock.  Well, it didn’t work, at all.
I was so mad in fact that I spritzed my hair with water to get the pony tail crimp out of it and then I literally ran my fingers through it without even touching a brush to it.  Yes, ya’ll, I went to work without even brushing my hair!!  That was the kind of day this was going to be. 
School was fine.  The kids were all pretty good today.  I did have a major headache that was on the verge of becoming a migraine because of one little girl.  But luckily the Alieve I took nipped it in the bud. 
I came home like normal and as soon as I got here I felt horrible.  Like stomach bug, flu starting horrible.  I laid down and went to sleep.  I got up when Zack called me at 1:45.  All I could hope was that I didn’t have a wrinkled face from the pillow or quilt on the couch.  I don’t think I did but who knows because most people don’t point that sorta thing out, they just look at you and laugh on the inside. 
I stopped by to ask Debbie {the teacher I work with} a question about the font she used on the treat that I got…because I was “treated”.  It’s kinda like the whole “you’ve been boo’d” thing, but this is “you’ve been treated”.  Well, Kelsie and I went out the the car and I put the keys in the ignition and nothing.  Nada.  Great.  As if going to work with uncombed hair and going to pick up Kelsie with a possibly crinkly face wasn’t enough, nope…now my car was going to go ahead and be mean on my already messed up Wednesday. 
I called Zack, and Kelsie and I went and hung out in the classroom while we waited on him.  He tried to jump my battery, which by the way is only 2 weeks old.  You see 2 weeks ago at Sam’s my car decided to die on me in the parking lot.  Luckily Zack wasn’t with us so I called him and he came and decided just to buy a new battery while we were there.  They installed it and no problems since.  Until this already horrible day.  He tried jumping it but it just wasn’t liking it.  So he brought us home and and went to pick up Kayla.  He’s now on his way back to work to save his work on his computer and turn everything off.  Then poor guy is headed to Sam’s with the warranty to get a new battery that he has to install himself.  Which changing out a car battery isn’t that bad unless you have one of those cars where the battery isn’t easily accessible. {hello, mine!} 
So, yea. 
Can I just have a whole new start…like can it be next Monday already?? 


Kelli said...

That is a no good day...good thing tomorrow is a new day. I hope you're feeling better.

A-K said...

Uggghhh...Sorry girl...I hate HATE days like that. Unfortunately I seem to be having more and more of them lately. What's up with that? Its to the point that I have to laugh about it. Otherwise I'll end up on all sorts of pills. And that wouln't be good LOL!