Thursday, October 13, 2011

LeapFrog – Learn, Create & Share

We absolutely love LeapFrog around our home!  I think that the first ever learning toy we purchased for Kelsie when she was a baby was a LeapFrog product.  The sounds, colors, educational abilities and durability has kept us coming back for more. 
When we got the chance to host a Learn, Create & Share party, sponsored by LeapFrog, I was thrilled!!
We received all the necessary items to host the Learn, Create & Share party.  It was definitely a lot of fun.
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The girls and the guests all got the chance to try out and play with:
The LeapPad Learning Tablet – which was pre-loaded with Cars 2 Ultra eBook, Roly Poly Picnic game and the Letter Factory Video
LeapSchool Reading Cartridge game
Tag Reading SystemInteractive World Map and the Learn to Read Series 1: Short Vowels
With the education of our children a top priority of the moms that came to the Learn, Create & Share party, I think the number one item that they went straight to was the LeapPad Learning Tablet.  Moms loved the idea that their kids could have their very own “tablet” with ebooks and educational games, as well as a built in camera and video recording abilities.  It’s the “tablet” or “pad” for our kids.  It will keep your kids entertained for those long car trips or just whenever and it’s abilities are so much like their parents versions that the kids won’t become bored.
The fact that you can download and add more apps was a huge plus.  It’s an ever growing product for your child that can build with their educational level.  There are over 100 different cartridge games that you can purchase to go with the LeapPad!  There is a game/book for every kid out there.  Rated for ages 4 to 9, but I will tell you that even my 12 year old daughter enjoyed it.  It was something that she played with Kelsie with, without saying “momma, I’m bored”. 
The Tag Reading System isn’t anything new to our family.  Kelsie received hers a couple of years ago for Christmas.  It was her number one favorite item.  She has got more books than I know what to do with and she loves reading each and every one of them.  I like to think that because of her Tag Reader she learned to read a lot quicker than others without.  The fact that you can use the special “pen” reader to move across a word and it will sound it out or say it is fantastic!  Kids learn from repetition and this is one item that they will use over and over again.  We never bought her the book sets, and she can read all the Learn to Read Series on her own, but I have to say I wished we would have bought them!  They are made up of so many sight words that she had to learn in Kindergarten in order to pass to first grade.  These books would have made it so much easier.  I highly suggest these books for the beginner reader. {even if you don’t have a reader!}
The interactive map was something that we really wanted to get, so I’m thrilled that we received it.  This is highly educational.  It will not only teach the states and countries but so many other things, such as geography and languages.
Overall the Learn, Create & Share Party was a huge success.  Long after coupons were passed out and coloring pages were colored and awards were signed, the kids were still playing with everything.  Thank you LeapFrog for allowing us to be apart of this!
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**the above mentioned products were received for me to host a LeapFrog Learn, Create & Share party.  Thanks to LeapFrog and BSM Media for making this happen**

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