Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Favorites - Because I Need The Reminder

The last few weeks have been crazy, so I thought I’d join Rachel for Friday Favorites and remind myself of all the greatness around me. {I also have to say I love her new Fall button!}
friday favorite things | finding joy
Zack surprised me on our anniversary with MumsI absolutely love them! The best part, it was simple.
october 2011 021
I love when my girls are enjoying spending time with each other.  Although these times are far and few between here lately. 
october 2011 016
Pumpkin Muffins are amazing! We have only found them at Winn Dixie but I want to thank the little girl in my class that brought one to school for her snack a few weeks ago, which sparked my hunt for them.  Oh, and a thanks to Debbie for telling me where to find them!
october 2011 005
Ahhh. Coffee.  I drink regular in the morning and then after I pick up Kelsie from school until almost dinner time I sip on flavored coffee.  I had a fit when I saw that Target had put out the Winter flavors from Dunkin’ Donuts.  My favorite has to be the Mocha Mint.
october 2011 006


Rachel said...

You have me at "mocha mint" -- mmmmmmmm -- coffee. :) And, I too, love pumpkin muffins. Well, anything pumpkin is for sure a fave. :)

Thanks for linking up! Grateful.

carissa said...

mums are gorgeous. so pretty!

i don't like coffee or pumpkin stuff (i know, how lame can i possibly be!) but if i did, i would want to try your suggestions. : )

what precious sisters and pretty daughters!

Kelli said...

I love the new button too :) Those mums are just beautiful...I just love that Zack! Kids spending good quality time is a true blessing...I adore that picture of my girls. Mmm...pumpkin muffins...I must find these :) They can't have the winter flavors yet, I have to stock up on my pumpkin flavors first!

Molly said...

Yikes...mocha mint?! I need a DD run!