Thursday, October 6, 2011

When it All Falls Down…

It’s been one of those weeks.  No scratch that, it’s been several of those weeks strung together.  Ever since school/work started back I have been so behind.  Well, no wait, I had everything going good for the first two weeks and then I’m not sure what on Earth happened, but it all fell apart. 

I give props to those of you moms that work 8 hours a day, come home and cook, clean and do laundry.  I am not sure how y’all manage. Seriously.  I work 3 1/2 hours and after that I am absolutely give out.  I come home, eat lunch and literally crash on the couch most days and take a nap.  I usually just pass right on out while Zack is still here for lunch.  It’s crazy.  Then it’s time for me to get Kelsie then Kayla, cook dinner, clean the kitchen, help with home work, make the kids bathe, and then it’s bed time.  And on the weekends, I play catch up for what I missed during the week.

Every afternoon my kitchen looks like this…

october 2011 025

Breakfast dishes all over the counter and in the sink.  Left over dishes in the drainer and lunch boxes emptied.  The tea pitcher is always needing more brewed.  I usually clean this all up before I cook dinner every afternoon.  The only kitchen help I get is Kayla emptying the dishwasher every other day and she seriously has a hissy when asked to do so.  {it’s her only chore outside of keeping her own room picked up and clean}

My living room usually looks like this for two days after laundry day.  I wash clothes and pile them all in a huge mountain in the living room to fold.  I fold and sort and then they sit until Kayla and Kelsie get theirs and I or Zack take ours to the bedroom. 

october 2011 027

And yes, the coffee table is always a mess.  I sometimes think we’d have been better off without one simply for the fact that it becomes a dumping grounds for everything!  The chalk board/dry erase board is hanging in the living room since Kelsie has spelling tests this year.  I write her words on the board and then make her write them 3 times each Monday and Tuesday nights.  On Wednesday and Thursday I test her on in.  It’s just easier to leave it in there.

Yesterday afternoon, I managed to get it all pulled together while working through a migraine.

Today, I am home with a much cleaner abode.  However, I did have to pull out the carpet and fabric cleaner this morning.  Kelsie was eating breakfast at the coffee table and managed to throw up all over herself, the rug and part of the couch.  Lovely.  She’s not running fever and as of right now she’s munched on saltine crackers and sipped on Sprite.  She’s coloring some pages that I had tucked away in the closet for a special treat.  I think that this was all from chocolate milk souring.  She sleeps with a cup of it in her room every night.  Although the cup is insulated there have been some mornings that it wasn’t good anymore.  I think she probably has her last little sip of it before coming to the living room for breakfast.

I hate short notices when missing work.  And this morning I kind of learned that it’s hard to find a sub on short notice.  I seriously called a whole page of subs at 6:50 this morning and managed to get a lot of just the phone ringing and “sorry not this morning" answers.  I wish there was a whole list of just short notice subs.  That way it would make it so much easier. 

I am hoping that today is much better even though I’m home with Kelsie.  Since I got it all cleaned up yesterday, I can sit back with her and relax.  Until dinner.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

My last few weeks have been crazy too! And yeah my kitchen looks like that most nights...and there is laundry in my living room that has been there going on a week! I think we all try too hard to be supermom, and sometimes all we need is a break!

Miller Racing Family said...

I totally agree. I am amazed how the our house is clean until 3:30 and when the boys get home it is a war zone until the next morning. I hope Kelsie gets to feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes! My week has been atrocious; I'm glad - though I don't mean this at your expense - that I am not the only one. :)

Kelli said...

Giiirrrlll...I can absolutely relate to this. Baby steps...that's what I keep telling myself. I hope Kelsie feels better. No more early morning sips for her!