Saturday, October 8, 2011

Don’t Use the Popcorn Button on Your Microwave…You Might Burn Down Your House!

I’ve always noticed that on most all popcorn packages one of the helpful hints is “Do Not Use Popcorn Button”.   {see our popcorn bag down there – I even pointed it out for you, in case you’ve never paid attention}
do no use popcorn button
However I’ve always disregarded that helpful hints. After all the Popcorn button was the whole reason we purchased said microwave.  And why have an appliance if you don’t use all of it’s features?   I mean really who wants to punch in a bunch of numbers when you have a one button option?  Yea, sometimes I am that lazy.  But then again maybe I am going against my own reasoning because I have a self cleaning oven but never use that option because it makes the whole house as hot as the desserts in the Sahara and it makes my eyes feel as if I just put onion slices on them. 
Back to the Popcorn button….So I decided to fix myself some lunch today and chose a whole bag of popcorn.  I popped it in the microwave like I normally do, pressed the popcorn button, against the helpful hints and when the “ding” sounded I went to get my popcorn out and noticed it was smoking.  I looked and said…”so that’s why you don’t use the popcorn button”.  {see the hole with the brownish around it – that had to be a flame}
october 2011 010
Wow, Orville Redenbacher almost burned down my house!  Well ok, maybe not, but it could have happened if the popcorn button was longer than 2 minutes and we happened to be outside and not have smelled anything until the whole kitchen was up in flames.  See, it could have happened.  But then again probably not.
Lesson learned – don’t use popcorn button unless I’m gonna stand in the kitchen the entire time.  But that’s not likely because I will want to sit for those two minutes searching away on Pinterest instead.  So I will just have to rely on my nose to smell fire from now on. :-) 
Hope y’all are having an awesome Saturday!


Meghan said...

I love our popcorn button. Everyone but the dh uses it & he rerfused. Instead he puts the popcorn in & programs it for 5 mins. Needless to say he's eating black popcorn & my house stinks for like a week! LOL

Kelli said...

I have never seen that before. I always use the popcorn button but usually stop it before it sings. I'll have to rethink this...thanks.

Jenn said...

I never use the popcorn button because we end up with a house full of burnt popcorn smell every time. I don't think my microwave likes popcorn. I can cook anything at the full recommended time (most of the time even a minute longer), but if the popcorn goes past 1:30 it's scorched, bag included!

A-K said...

I'm with you and the bag on that...never ever use the popcorn button! I burnt my last bag using the button last year. My apartment smelled like fire for 2 weeks. Its useless and I have no idea why they even put it on a zapper! Does it cook at enourmous temps for some reason? Ugh! 1min 30 seconds punched in is the way to go :)

Miller Racing Family said...

I love popcorn, so I have tested and tested different time setting because there is nothing worse to taste or smell than burnt popcorn. Also I have learned to get the popcorn right out of the microwave or it will get the burnt smell. Glad your house didn't burn down.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I can't ever use the popcorn button either. And I usually have to set the time a lot less than what the package says too! I hate burnt popcorn!

PZ said...

Mentioned this post in my recent post about the popcorn button... long live the popcorn button!!!

adam wolf said...

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