Monday, October 3, 2011

Ford has teamed up with General Mills Box Tops to help schools earn more

As we all know Ford is a major automotive company and they are the first to partner up with the General Mills Box Tops program to help our schools earn more money. 
Starting today Monday, October 3rd and going for two months, Ford is aiming to earn $1 million dollars for schools across the country.
There are 3 ways that you can earn box tops for your school starting today. 
  1. Request a brochure from the official Ford/BTFE program website
  2. Watch product videos on the Ford/BTFE program website
  3. Purchase a Ford vehicle at dealerships in October and November
Also during these two months, the “Ford Drives Box Tops” sweepstakes, Ford will give away eBox Tops, which will automatically be credited to the school of your choice.  Five 10,000 box tops prizes worth $1,000 and one 200,000 box tops prize worth $20,000!!
So make sure to help your school earn extra box tops during October and November by going to the Ford/BTFE program website.
**I didn’t receive anything by posting this.  I wanted to share this information with y’all since I am a BTFE Ambassador.**

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