Monday, October 3, 2011

miscellany monday {sprained ankles, books, mesh and prayer}

Miscellany Monday @
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one} Sprained ankle.  We took Kelsie to a birthday party on Saturday and although she had a great time, after she warmed up to everybody, she ended up spraining her ankle in the bounce house.  She is fine.  We have been icing it and it’s wrapped.  She’s taking Motrin.  However, I did send her to school with a note so that she can sit out at p.e. today. 

two} Reading.  Saturday morning I was sipping on my coffee in the quiet when Kayla came in and sat down on the couch.  I turned on Sponge Bob and she started reading instead, so I just muted it.  Kelsie followed suite not long after and instead of wanting the tv turned up she grabbed her Tag Reader and started reading her new books.  I love when my girls choose reading or something creative over tv.

three} Room.  I am reading a book called Room.  I picked it up Friday night to accompany me to Zack’s appointment today and I started reading it.  It really good. {so far}  I read the back of it at Target and said “this would make a great movie”.  I’ll let y’all know how good it is when I’m finished. 

four} Prayer.  Say a prayer for Zack today.  He’s going in for a couple of procedures.  We hope that they find what is wrong and get it fixed or give him meds to fix whatever it maybe.

five} Mesh.  If you’ve been on Pinterest, I am sure you’ve seen those very awesome mesh wreaths that everybody is making.  Well, we went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday afternoon and I had a hard time finding any of that mesh to make a wreath with.  I decided to start Googling on Sunday and I found the perfect place to purchase this stuff at.  They have every color imaginable.  So if your wanting to make some of those wreaths or just spruce up your tree or garland, check out Trendy Tree.  The prices are very reasonable for the amount of mesh you receive.  And let me just ask, have you been on Etsy checking out  prices on those wreaths…Well let me just say they range from about $40 to $150!!  Yikes!  I’ll be making mine as soon as my Halloween mesh comes in.


Kelli said...

Poor Kelsie. I'm sure she'll bounce back in no time :) I love that your girls chose reading's so important. You're showing them such a great example! I'd like to hear more about this book...I love a good book. Praying for Zack!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

pinterest is my latest addiction...i wish i thought of it...

(stopping over from lowercase letters)

This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

It's a great feeling when you see kids reading!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I think those mesh wreaths are cute, but I can not make one myself. The mesh never seems to do what I want and then I get mad and quit! I hope everything goes well with Zac and that Kelsie's ankle gets better quickly!