Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Past Few Days in Photos

I have been drinking this a lot over the last 48 hours.  It’s delicious!!  I am not a fan of coconut at all because of the texture but I love the taste.  This is perfect!
august 2011 002
I got a book in the mail yesterday for me to review…so far so good!
august 2011 004
On Monday and Tuesday I was so busy reading and taking notes from these books that I barely got anything done on my chore list.  Long story short…Kayla got an assignment last Thursday for a 3 to 5 minute written oral report and bibliography due this coming Friday.  Kayla brought home some papers she printed offline at school and started writing a little bit over the weekend.  I told her to go to the library at school on Monday to get a book or two on Yellow Fever {her subject}.  BUT…on Monday when she got in the car she said that the library still isn’t open and that the due date changed to…WEDNESDAY!  WHAT?!  So we went straight to the public library and got the only books in the whole library on the subject.  I knew that I could scan the books a lot quicker than she could for the important info so I read and wrote down notes for her to compile together in a report.  It’s right at 4 minutes.  I’m hoping that this doesn’t happen again…Otherwise…I might call the teacher.  I don’t see how they expect a child to be able to write a report in such a short amount of time and do the rest of her homework.  I typed up her report last night and made her some handouts for the class on Photoshop.  The handouts were for an extra 20 points.  She read her report about 25 times last night to memorize some so that she could give a great oral presentation.  I pray she did well.  I know she was as prepared as she could have been in such a short amount of time.
august 2011 003
This is the chore chart that I was referring to up above.  I found the printable link from Pinterest {duh!} and it’s perfect.  I have put all my housekeeping to do’s on this and so far so good.  I’m really able to look at it in a glance and see I need to do whatever today.  It’s really great at keeping me on track and keeping up with things. 
august 2011 003
And in other news the second episode of Top Chef Just Desserts comes on tonight {on Bravo}.  I am a little obsessed with Top Chef.  And I am thrilled that Top Chef Just Desserts came back for a second season.  It helps tie me over until the regular Top Chef season starts.  And eye candy Johnny Iuzzini is pretty nice as well. ;-)  Of course I think that Tom Colicchio from Top Chef is pretty hot too!  I love hot chefs!! 
Speaking of hot guys…a favorite show of Zack and mine starts back up next Tuesday…Sons of Anarchy!!  And I am so mad that Jax cut his hair off!  I am not a fan of guys and long hair but it just really suited him…very well!
Ok…enough blogging for me.  I’ve got to go and get stuff picked up to get ready to pick up Kelsie from school.


Kelli said...

That coffee sounds delicious. At first I read that you've been drinking a lot this I am not ready for school projects but I know they're coming soon. I have a nice little to do list to get done tonight. I have got to check out Pinterest this weekend. I haven't seen Sons of Anarchy but I hear it's good and I've been meaning to take that Top Chef for Jamison.

Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

Your coffee sounds really good. Makes me wish I were a coffee drinker!

I need to get a schedule going like yours. My laundry is already piling up!

Miller Racing Family said...

I like the chore chart idea. I think that would make it easier to keep track of what has and needs to be done. Hope your weekend isn't as busy as the week has been. Blessings!