Monday, August 29, 2011

Abstract Art…So Easy…a Caveman can do it!

For Kayla’s bedroom makeover she had one wall that we really had no idea what to put on the wall.  A big clock…some peg hooks…a poster…we were clueless.  We thought about it and Kayla decided she wanted some abstract art.  I thought ok..why not.  We looked and looked and didn’t really find anything that she really liked.  I suggested she make her own. 
So she did.  This is seriously so easy a caveman can do it!  Ha! 
We went to Hobby Lobby and bought a canvas and a couple of more paint colors.  We had a few that we already needed.  We broke out the painters tape and paints/brushes and she painted away. 
august 2011 005
She started out by taping all which of ways across her canvas until she was happy with the pattern.  You could also cut the tape into thinner strips to get thinner white stripes.  She then painted a couple of layers until it was as bold as she wanted and pulled off the tape.  Once it was dry we hung it up on her wall.  It was perfect!  Not only am I proud of her but she’s thrilled to have her own art work on showcase in her room!
august 2011 013
august 2011 020
To see Kayla’s complete makeover including before and afters….click here.


Kelli said...

So cute...and it makes it so personal because she did it! Great job Kayla :)

Miller Racing Family said...

I loved this piece of artwork the first time I saw it in the makeover post. I am even more impressed to know that you all did the handy! Great job!

A-K said...

Great idea! She did a good job on it. Looks super-easy and looks great in her room!!