Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jungle Speed Review

july 2011 049We are a family that loves to play games.  It seems as if when we go to my brothers house in Alabama that we spend a lot of our time playing board games.  We are always on the look out for something new and fun to do with the group of us. 
I got the chance to review a game called Jungle Speed and I have to say that my nephew and I took it a little to extremes…but we had a blast playing!
Jungle Speed is a game that’s not for anybody without fast reflexes.  You’ve got to go for the totem as soon as possible…because you want to be the first to grab it.  You’ll also have to be quick thinking because things change up in this game fairly fast.  You and your opponents will flip cards and when you get a match you go after the totem.  Sounds pretty simple right?  Well that’s what I thought too but you’ve got to keep up with the changing symbols but some of the symbols look so much a like it can be quite difficult. 
All in all Jungle Speed is a great game for a group or for just two players.  We played both ways but I have to say that Jacob {my nephew} and I had the best time!  
july 2011 053
{in reality the game doesn’t get this intense but Jacob and I are fairly competitive!}
**this game was received for review purposes only.  no other compensation was given.  opinions are 100% honest and my own.**

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