Thursday, August 18, 2011

dENiZEN from Levi’s Review

I have always thought Levi’s jeans held up better than any other brand of jeans.  As a matter of fact I remember when I was in middle school that I had gotten several pair to go back to school with and I wore those things so long that my mother ended up cutting them and making shorts because I out grew the length.  They were still in excellent shape.  I have two pair right now in my closet that I have had for 9 years and they still look and wear great.  You truly can’t go wrong with Levi’s! 
Buying brand name clothes can be hard when you have more than one child.  I know that for a while now Levi’s hasn’t been in our budget for our girls’ back to school wardrobes.  But this year that changed.  From the makers of Levi’s comes a brand called dENiZEN.  It’s available at Target stores nationwide and range in price from $17.99 to $29.99.  That’s more in our back to school budget!
dENiZEN comes in most every size possible:
  • Women’s sizes 2-18 {Mid-Rise Boot Cut. Mid-Rise Straight. Totally Shaping Mid-Rise Boot Cut. Totally Shaping at Waist Boot Cut}
  • Men’s sizes 29”-42” and 30-34 in length {236 Regular. 299 Lose. 285 Relaxed. 281 Straight. 233 Low Boot. 218 Slim Straight. 216 Skinny. 208 Super Skinny}
  • Girls sizes 4-20 {Super Skinny. Skinny. Slim Boot}
  • Boys sizes 4-20 {299 Loose. 281 Straight. 218 Slim Straight. 216 Skinny. 208 Super Skinny}
I chose to get Zack a pair and he loves them.  He said they remind him so much of Levi’s and that they are really comfortable.  We will definitly be purchasing dENiZEN jeans in the future.
**we received a pair of the above mentioned product for review purposes only.  no other compensation was provided.  all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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