Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Will Not Buy Another Compaq Laptop!

I am so disappointed in my laptop from Compaq.  I have had my laptop for about 3 years now and it’s literally on it’s last leg.  You should see it.  Seriously.  I  have two binder clips holding the screen together on the bottom left hand corner and my backspace key is broken off and now my comma will only work about 2% of the time.  And wouldn’t you know that most of it happened AFTER my warranty expired!  Geez.
We chose this Compaq laptop because it had the AMD Athlon processor.  The guy at Best Buy told me that this one out of the 3 that I was looking at would be the best to run Photoshop while working online.  And for the most part he was correct.  Now I wished I would have chosen one of the other brands.  I think that I would have rather taken my chances with trying to use Photoshop and work online with a brand that might not have fallen apart like this one has.
Last year while it was still under warranty the mother board fried.  I thought for sure that I had lost all of our pictures from the past few years.  We were devastated.  Luckily we were able to take the hard drive out and save everything off of it to our desk top computer.  {thanks to the IT guy at Zack’s work} While it was away at Best Buy getting repaired by I’m guessing Compaq {since it was under warranty} they also told us that they replaced the screen because when the mother board went out it took the screen with it.  Hmmm…And now my screen is literally. falling. apart.  I’m not saying they rigged it but I’m not saying they didn’t.  It just seems all to convenient that it would fall apart when we never had any problems with it before.  ONLY after they replaced the screen.  You can gather your own opinions here.
They also said they replaced the backspace key with a new one because it had broken off with normal use.  However it broke off again within a few weeks of having it back.  Yea.  I don’t think they fixed it right or something.  That shouldn’t have happened.  And NOW within the last couple of weeks my comma key has slowly been having problems.  First I would have to tap it a couple of times before it would show up now I have to practically bang on it to get it to show up.  And now it’s completely non–existent! 
With that being said…Kayla wants a Netbook for Christmas.  What brand will I buy?  I don’t know.  I do know that it won’t be a Compaq!  Now I am looking at replacing my laptop because you can’t blog or email or use HTML without the comma key. I know one thing is for sure.  I won’t be purchasing another Compaq! 
august 2011 015
{see the pathetic binder clips keeping my screen together?!  see the keys missing..I finally took the comma one off to see if I could use it without the key..nope!}
I can’t tell you what to buy or not to buy but I can tell you my experience and how unhappy I am with what has happened.  I can also tell you to think twice or three more times about what brand to purchase because when your looking at a new laptop they aren’t cheap!  It’s not pretty to invest so much money into something and 3 years later look at having to buy a replacement.


Kelli said...

How crazy. I did have to giggle at the binder clips. It should not be like that after only 3 years. I love our HP so far and one day I want to get a mac book.

Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

Is it sad that I think 3 years is a great life span for a computer?? Yeah, I know it is. Before this computer I've only had Dell laptops. When my the screen died on my last on earlier this year (at just a little over 2 yrs old) I decided I'd had enough them!

I honestly don't know what brands are good but I definitely don't recommend Dell either.