Thursday, July 21, 2011

SEC Football, it’s a Southern Tradition

When I was growing up we lived in Alabama and followed the Tide.  My brothers family are huge Bama fans.  I’ve always had a little bit of orange and blue in my blood because my daddy has always been a fan, after all he was from Florida.  He just went for Alabama more while living there.  After we moved I left that hounds tooth and crimson behind and went head strong into the Gators.  I’ve been a fan ever since.  That’s been 14 years.  I’ve seen their ups and downs.  I’m a true fan.  We love watching even when they lose.  Ok, I don’t love watching them lose and I will occasionally turn the channel BUT, I’m still a fan. 
SEC football has some of the biggest followers.  We southerners love our football!  I saw this on Pinterest earlier and thought, I can’t wait until September!
There was another one as well, but I can’t find it again.  It went something like “don’t plan a wedding during SEC football season, because nobody will come”.  That holds true with birthday parties as well.  My best friend has had a hard time planning her twin girls birthday parties because they were born the beginning of September.  People don’t come if it’s on Bama game day!  I told you us Southerners love our football!
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Lori said...

I love those southern belle secrets and that picture of your girls! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

LOL! SEC football is a big deal at our house too, but we are Miss State Bulldog fans:)

Miller Racing Family said...

How funny! Your football is like our racing. In our family we don't schedule stuff on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer. We just about throw a fit when Trey's t-ball games were on Saturday night.
Have a great day!

Kelli said...

We Buckeyes love our Big Ten football too. The streets are usually empty on game day :)